You have always wanted to try mystery box opening but are too concerned about the legitimacy of certain websites? We've got you covered! The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what sites you'd better avoid. But we not only created a list of suspicious websites but also tried to include here all the tips and tricks which are gonna help you to detect a rigged mystery box website on your own. Read along and never lose your money to scam mystery opening websites.

Last updated: Jun 2024


That would be an honest start since a lot of people who open a $10 mystery box and don’t unbox an iPhone 12 Pro straight away accuse mystery websites of being all scams. But we don’t blame casinos for losing money there, right? We just admit we weren’t that lucky to win and decide whether we want to continue. The same story with online mystery boxes. It has the same element of risk and therefore doesn’t guarantee unboxing the most expensive item from the collection. But if it’s a legit site it does guarantee that you win at least something. So now we’re ready to discuss the basic requirements unboxing websites have to meet. How to find out are mystery boxes a scam?


  • There are secure payment options
    It’s really suspicious if the website doesn’t have classic trusted payment options like via credit or debit card. Basically, it allows them to get money from you without any further problems.
  • Explore the website before paying for the boxes
    Bad grammar or misspelled words might be a red flag you’d need to consider. As well as, an empty page “about us” or “terms”.
  • Read online reviews on external platforms
    We keep mentioning this point in every single review. You need to explore as many feedback resources as possible to make sure that a website can be trusted. Therefore, we always include real users’ feedback in our articles.
  • Check customer support
    Reputable and legit mystery boxes always give the users a chance to get in touch with them.
  • Make sure the odds are displayed on each item


At first, we found it suspicious since we couldn’t find any reviews on the internet about them. There is a high chance they never deliver the prizes since we didn’t get our reward. So opening the boxes here would certainly be a waste of money.

Signs of being a scam:

  1. The domain was just recently registered
  2. No information about how the site works
  3. No reviews on the external platforms and only negative reviews on Facebook

Our verdict: definitely a scam, steer clear of this website

Read a full review here: Unboxabox Review – is it legit or a scam?

2. UNBOX99

The most suspicious point for us is, of course, the lack of customers’ reviews neither on the website nor on the internet. That leaves you at a great risk if you decide to open the boxes on Unbox99 since you don’t know what happens once you put your money there. Plus, it’s impossible to do it with a credit card and as you already know it’s a serious sign of fraud. Never transfer money through some strange payment systems but only the ones you can trust.

Signs of being a scam:

  1. Odds are not displayed
  2. No users’ reviews and unboxing videos
  3. No support team
  4. Really weird design and personal account

Our verdict: obviously a scam. Don’t recommend opening the boxes here

If you need more evidence: Unbox99 review – why you should avoid this online mystery box


Mysterypresent is a relatively new online mystery box and therefore it’s almost impossible to find any information about it on the internet. They neither have a page on Trustpilot nor provide with unboxing videos or reviews directly on their website. Based on our experience, we immediately knew there was something wrong with this unboxing website and were right. Once we tried to contact their support team no one answered our requests.

Sign of being a scam:

  1. No reviews from real users on the internet
  2. There is support but we tried to contact them and never got a response

Our verdict: can not be trusted.

4. Lootie

For the last time, we see more and more negative customer reviews on Lootie. From the first view, the website looks legit, and rarely customers really can win some nice item, but you never know if the item really will be delivered to you. So, from what we discovered, we can’t recommend it to our readers.

Signs of being a scam:

  1. More and more negative feedback appears for the last time at Trustpilot
  2. The promo codes they offer don’t really work
  3. Usually have huge problems with items delivery
  4. Customer support rarely replies to clients and doesn’t really help with their issues

Our verdict: Has some signs of being legit, but due to the customers’ reviews can not be trusted.

❌ UNBOX991,6


As mentioned before, not all mystery websites are scams and there are a few places we’d definitely recommend trying.

  • Drakemall – we’ve been testing this one the longest and are absolutely sure about its legitimacy. Moreover, they offer great bonuses for those who are kind of skeptical and want to try mystery opening without spending much.
  • HypeDrop – cool website with their own blog where you can learn more about the prizes they include
  • Dripdraw – awesome electronics boxes+global shipping
  • Hybe – legit and great for people who prefer clothing since there are dozens of different boxes with brand-stuff

The promo codes and bonuses for each of them you can find on our main page. Also, don’t miss the reviews where we share some tips for profitable unboxing on a particular website.


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