We already covered the most popular mystery websites on the internet and came to the conclusion that it's more needed for you to get reviews of those websites that are brand-new and not tested yet. Because it's quite a challenge to search for any info about them and that makes the whole unboxing kind of risky and potentially costing you a pretty penny. Therefore, we carried out research about, tested it for legitimacy, and are ready to share our experience with you. Read along to reveal the truth about this new mystery website.


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Do you enjoy it when people give you something unexpected as a present? Then this is it! Open virtual mystery boxes, win rewards and get physical items delivered right to you.
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Pros and Cons

  • Free cases
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  • Fresh product
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  • Amount of boxes
  • Few reviews

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The best box opening site | Case battles | 100% BONUS for first deposit | Trusted by millions of players worldwide
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  • Popular site
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  • High credibility
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With so many mystery websites on the internet, you must create something really valuable and unique to take over the market. And we couldn’t find any sign of real value on Mysteryopening whatsoever. Only 19 boxes are presented on the website, a few of which are with tech themes, a couple of brand boxes, and, of course, cases for gamers. I mean, for new users it might be enough but if you have already tried mystery opening on popular resources you’re going to be disappointed with the collections available on the website.

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The cheapest case on the website is worth as low as $0.84 with only video games inside. That would be the lowest price we’ve ever seen on mystery websites so far. Unfortunately, For some reason, they offer the most expensive cases as well. For example, KAWS Figures box that costs $189.99. While on other sites for this amount of money you get access to cutting-edge PCs, iPhones, and other cool gadgets, or world-popular brands like Supreme.


They do ship globally, and the delivery highly depends on the location of the winner. If you are based in the USA, Australia, Canada, and EU you must receive your prize not later than in 20 days. But for citizens of the other countries the delivery might take up to 30 days. The cost of the shipping is to be covered by a receiver and varies greatly depending on the item and player’s country.


When you just create a new account on they provide you with a first mystery box for free. Of course, they don’t guarantee the value of a given box so you might end up with a useless case. Nevertheless, you don’t pay for it so it’s a great chance to check the website without wasting money.

There is one more opportunity to get a free box. According to the website policy, you can obtain a free box for each friend you bring.


Another reason why we don’t like this particular website is the lack of bonuses for the opening. As a rule, every legit mystery site would encourage its users to open more boxes by providing them with special offers, bonuses, and promo codes. But only 1 free mystery box after registration is all you get on

Mystery box websites with welcome bonuses and regular promo codes you will find here: Best Mystery box websites in 2022


If you have been with us for a long time you must have read our main article about the legitimacy of mystery boxes. We covered all aspects you need to keep in mind when choosing a website for unboxing real prizes. If you want to go to the depth. In short, there are few major points to pay attention to:

  • Chances to unbox each item displayed on the website – Yes.
  • Guaranteed value – No. In some cases, there isn’t even a guaranteed payout.
  • Must be forbidden for those who are under 18 – Yes. Though, there was no verification when we registered.
  • Presence of real users’ reviews and feedback, as well as unboxing videos on the website – No. Moreover, we didn’t find any of those on external resources.
  • Opportunity to exchange the item you won or sell it – Yes.

There is one more thing that we haven’t discussed while reviewing previous websites but it’s only because we couldn’t see it coming.

To be more specific, as a part of our testing we always open a bunch of boxes and try to win any item to check the delivery and the whole service in general. And on the MysteryOpening we unboxed , ordered a delivery to our address (The USA), and never got it. It’s been 2 months at the moment of writing this review and still nothing. But that’s not the main point. The funny thing is just recently we noticed this teeny-tiny remark on the website that there is a chance you won’t receive your item. And our favorite part – the company will try to resolve the issue. You know, the word “try” made us really suspicious so we lost hope.

Get to know more about the legitimacy of Mystery Unboxing: Are Mystery Boxes legal and legit?


We definitely would not recommend you going for this particular mystery website unless you’re a real risk-taker and have full pockets of money to be wasted. For those who prefer trustworthy and reliable places for unboxing experience, you’d rather choose one from our list of legit and tested sites. We can ensure that they all provide a guaranteed value, so you basically never lose. In any case, you end up at least with something like a mug. Also, all of them give you lots of bonuses, free case openings and fast delivery to any country in the world.

Reviews of each of them you can read by following these links:

Just bear in mind that even though Mystery box Opening is not considered to be gambling, you must watch how much you spend on unboxing and stop after the first sign of developing an addiction.

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