The Best Samsung Mystery Boxes in 2022

We continue to find new hidden treasures in the online mystery box market for you. This time we have amazing Samsung Mystery cases to open in 2022. What can you expect from this collection: a bunch of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones and laptops, a variety of cutting-edge Buds Plus, and other dope accessories to enrich your gear. Make no mistake, these particular surprise boxes will not leave you cold. Even if you are not really into Samsung products, stay with us, we have something secret for you as well.

Last updated: May 2022

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What is a Samsung Mystery Box?

Most of you have played online games like CS: GO and already came across so-called loot boxes with secret content inside. Mystery boxes have a similar working principle but instead of some virtual stuff you get real prizes. And in our case a collection of various Samsung products. You just pay for a box itself and win one of the items which might be cheaper or more expensive than your initial deposit. It primarily depends on the cost of unboxing a particular case and a site you are using.

If you need more information about unboxing: What is a mystery box?

Where to buy legit Mystery boxes in 2022?

We totally understand your confusion when it comes to choosing where to open the boxes and not get ripped off or scammed. Unfortunately, there are not many websites that can be entirely trusted so we carefully test them and review them on Mystery Our main requirements to legit sites are:

  • transparency about the chances of unboxing each item
  • ability to see the content of the collection before paying for unboxing
  • guaranteed prize (at least something)
  • global shipping
  • welcome bonuses for new users
  • external feedback platforms

Of course, every single box presented here meets all the stated requirements. So you can feel safe to unbox any of them without being deceived or scammed.

1. Drakemall Samsung box

Price: $6.99 - box link

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We absolutely love this one. For such an affordable price you get access to the whole bunch of hypebeast Samsung products like Galaxy z Fold 2 or Note 20 Ultra smartphones which are both worth around $2000 in an ordinary store. Some of the other prizes are Frame TV, Galaxy Tab s7 plus and watch 3. Just imagine: all these items might become yours for as low as $6.99. Moreover, Drakemall lets the users practice with test spin before actual opening so this online box is perfect for beginners. Especially, considering its generous welcome bonuses for first-timers.

Drakemall Samsung Box Drakemall Samsung Box Content

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2. Samsung Galaxy Box on Jemlit

Price: 14.90 credits

Visit website

Jemlit is a great place to shop for electronics and gaming gadgets in general so we could not pass by and included one of their boxes into the list. The only reason we don?t find Jemlit to be an absolutely perfect place for unboxing is a confusing system of prices for the cases. But once you figure out how to convert it you?ll face no further difficulties with this mystery box. Only cool newest gadgets for a reasonable price ready to be delivered to your address any time. Among those are Galaxy S20 ultra and S10 Lite, Galaxy A72, and tons of various accessories to them. For example, Galaxy Buds, wireless charger, or screen protectors. Just don't forget to learn about their deposit system that we described in our detailed Jemlit review.

Samsung Box Jemlit Samsung Box Jemlit Content

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3. Apple VS Samsung box on Drakemall

Price: $4.99 - box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

This box is for those who are between 2 minds and can?t decide whether to go for Samsung or Apple gadgets. This way you won?t be disappointed in any possible output. Among the items you will find MacBook Pro, Samsung Book 12, latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S10 and other hypebeast devices, as well as accessories for them. Of course, the odds to unbox the best quality items are not the highest but the price makes it a perfect option. In case you are ready to risk more for a better quality of prizes scroll to the next surprise box.

Drakemall Samsung VS Apple Box Drakemall Samsung VS Apple Box Content

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4. Samsung VS Apple on Hypedrop

Price: $275

Visit website

This case is very much similar to the previous one but way more expensive. The legit question will be: what is the difference between the box for $6 and $230? The thing is that if the box costs more the chances for unboxing something of a higher value soar together with a price. For you it means that winning even the cheapest item will be more profitable than winning the lowest-value item in another box. So talking about what is inside: 7 iPhones Pro, 2 Macbooks, Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S7, Airpods Max and Galaxy Buds Plus which is the least expensive product in the list. So you see how great the value is.

Hypedrop Samsung Box Hypedrop Samsung Box Content

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How can you get promo codes for these boxes?

Most of the surprise boxes we presented on the list are pretty affordable for any budget. Anyways, you will never say no to a discount if there is one, right?

So, do not miss a chance to slightly reduce a price by going to our main page and getting a promo code for the online mystery box of your choice. You just need to copy it and insert it before opening the case.

Another way to get additional bonuses or even free boxes is to read our detailed reviews on each mystery website. There we share all needed up-to-date information for a profitable unboxing.