You are excited about the idea of winning great Hypebeast stuff but find it pretty intimidating to navigate through various online mystery boxes and aren't certain which one is legit and safe? No wonder, we also sometimes struggle to keep up with all these new mystery websites. Nevertheless, we try really hard to provide you with up-to-date information regularly. So we've got a fresh review devoted to a relatively new mystery box - JemLit. Once you finish reading the article you'll know about all advantages and disadvantages to make your final decision about unboxing on Jemlit.


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It’s a good website if you want to have some fun and you’re not full of hopes

  • Payment Methods:
    Credit/Debit Card, Visa/MasterCard
Pros and Cons

  • A lot of reviews
  • Great boxes collection
  • Customer support
  • Plenty of payment methods
  • No welcome bonuses and free boxes
  • No worldwide shipping
  • Low chances
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The best box opening site | Case battles | 100% BONUS for first deposit | Trusted by millions of players worldwide

  • Payment Methods:
    Credit/Debit Card, Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, G2APay, Bitcoin, Neteller, SkinPay
  • Languages:
    English and many others
Pros and Cons

  • Popular site
  • Good design
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • High credibility
  • Case battles
  • Support
  • Shipping may take longer
Social media

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First of all, you’ve got to understand that JemLit has the same working algorithm as any other mystery box. It means that you need to deposit some money in order to open a mystery box with secret content inside. The purpose of that is to buy a relatively cheap surprise case and try your luck at winning some authentic pricey stuff.

  • Registration processNothing new, same old registration via your Google or Facebook account. You can create a new one, as well. Just come up with a new password and insert your email address.
  • Topping-up the account with some fundsAt this point, you’ll need some explanation. The thing is that instead of just depositing some money to open the boxes you?ll have to convert them into JemLit credits. Not that it requires a lot of effort but might be confusing for American users due to a different currency.
  • Unboxing the chosen caseIn total JemLit offers 75 cases with various content. You will find there tech, gaming, clothing boxes, and selection of hypebeast items like Supreme or Off-White. The prices are average on the market and range from $7.90 (games collection) to $299.90 (watches box).
    As on other legit online mystery boxes, you can check the content of the case before you unbox it. Also, exchange the item and continue opening.
  • Delivery of your prizeJemLit can ship your items to all of Europe, and the US. For the rest of the regions, you’ve got to contact their support team and ask. Keep in mind that all fees related to shipping are to be covered by a receiver.

Get to know more about how Mystery Box websites work: What is a Mystery Box


The legitimacy of the mystery box websites is still the main concern of our readers since there are many dishonest people trying to rip you off through such websites. Thus, we always carry out thorough research to make sure that we are dealing with an unboxing site that we can trust. We what we have discovered about this website:

  • the domain was registered about a year ago
  • it’s not found in any blacklist
  • HTTPS is valid
  • approved by Scamadvisor

How to detect a scam online mystery box: Are Mystery Boxes Legit?


After having read more than 200 reviews on several feedback platforms we came to the conclusion that generally people are pretty satisfied with JemLit. They claim to have received the items they won. What is more important, their customer support answers all comments on Trustpilot.


Surprisingly, there are no special offers for new users known as welcome bonuses. The only way for you to save up some money on the mystery boxes is to follow their telegram channel where they occasionally post some promo codes. But let’s face the truth, almost nobody does that. When it comes to such entertainment as mystery unboxing you want the process to be least time-consuming.

One more way to get some additional funds is to invite a friend who will top-up his account. This is how you can earn 10 credits for further box opening.

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Let’s skim through the main points that make JemLit a great place for unboxing:

  • A bunch of positive reviews on the outside platforms like TrustPilot, YouTube, FaceBook. Unboxing videos directly on the website are present, as well.
  • Age restrictions (you are not allowed to open the boxes unless your age is above 18
  • Great collection of surprise boxes of different categories
  • Provably fair technology which ensured fair items unboxing
  • Customer support that responds to all the requests and even negative feedback


  • Lack of bonuses and promo codes, no welcome bonuses
  • A bit confusing system with JemLit credits
  • No worldwide shipping
  • Low chances of unboxing valuable items
  • No free boxes for the users
  • The lowest price for a case is $7.90 which is twice as much as on the other mystery websites


In conclusion, we would like to say that JamLit is one of few mystery websites where you can open the cases safely but you definitely want to know which website has the best mystery boxes. Based on 2 years of reviewing online mystery boxes we selected 4 the best unboxing sites:

  1. Drakemall – the best welcome bonus and the greatest choice of tech boxes
  2. Dripdraw – the biggest selection of tech stuff
  3. Hypedrop – perfect for hypebeast shopping
  4. Hybe – great if you want to win more clothing items

Here you can find promo codes for all these online mystery boxes: The Best Mystery Box Websites in 2024 + Bonuses


  • Is JemLit safe?

    According to all the resources we checked, yes.

  • Can I sell my item if I don't like it?

    Yes. If you win something that you don’t really need there is always a chance to sell it and top up your account for further unboxing.

  • Is it possible to win here?

    This secret box website uses a randomizing algorithm that is absolutely fair and cannot be changed.

  • Is there a minimum deposit?

    To start unboxing on the website you have to put into your account at least 5 JemLit credits (around $7).

  • Can I get JemLit free box?

    Unfortunately, they don’t provide users with free surprise boxes.

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