The Best Shoe Mystery Boxes in 2022

Mystery Unboxing has already become one of the favorite ways of online shopping. You buy a surprise case and experience all the excitement of unboxing it and revealing your secret prize. Though, you might have certain preferences regarding the content. That's why we collect the best themed cases for each taste and preference. This time we have selected the best hypebeast mystery boxes with only brand sneakers. Open the boxes, win authentic products and save up a fortune from your budget with a box opening.

Last updated: May 2022

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How to open online shoe mystery boxes?

The principle of the shoe box opening is very easy and you will have no difficulties with mastering it. You pay a fixed price for a particular box and get a random pair of shoes after unboxing it. No worries, before paying for a box you have a chance to discover what prizes you can potentially win. For example, you choose one of the shoe boxes from this list, check whether you like the content, and only after you pay for unboxing your prize. Once you win something you are satisfied with there is a chance to order a delivery and get the desired pair of sneakers.

If you want to find out more about mystery unboxing: What is a Mystery Box?

Where to buy the best Shoe Mystery Boxes?

You know how many unboxing websites there are nowadays. But we don't search for the best shoe surprise boxes all around the internet. We prefer to pick the websites which we actually trust and which have proved to be legit. There are some additional requirements that all the websites with shoe mystery boxes have to meet:

  • They must be transparent about the chances of unboxing each item
  • Offer different bonuses for users
  • Allow users to sell or exchange the items they won
  • Deliver the prizes worldwide

1. Drakemall Hype Shoes Box

Price: $9.99 - box link

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With this sneaker mystery box for a pretty affordable price, you get a chance to win such a desirable prize as hype Dior x Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which would normally cost $30000 in an official store. Of course, the odds are not in your favor for this particular item but still, it's quite likely to unbox other authentic sneakers like Yeezy Boost 700 or Balenciaga Tyrex, etc. Moreover, Drakemall ensures you always have a guaranteed payout so every unboxing brings you a prize.

Drakemall Shoe Box
Drakemall Shoe Box Content

More about unboxing here: Drakemall - the best Surprise Box in 2022

2. Lootie Adidas Beast

Price: $19 - box link

FREE BONUS CODE: mysterry - sign up to get a bonus

This case is heaven for Adidas shoe lovers. It contains 37 different authentic pairs of adidas sneakers worth at least $68 each. The most expensive among all items are Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2, the ordinary price for these shoes is around $1000. And the fact that you may get it for just $19 is crazy and you'd better give it a try.

Adidas Shoe Box Lootie
Adidas Box Lootie

More about unboxing on Lootie: Lootie Review

3. Jordan Shoe Mystery Box on Hybe

Price: $54.94 - box link

Why we love Hybe most of all is because of the guaranteed value of the unboxing. So if you pay $54.94 for the box you can be sure to unbox an item no cheaper than this. But if the luck is on your side you might even end up winning one of Jordan Retro sneakers and save up to $750! All that comes with promo codes and bonuses for new users and global shipping for the winners. Do not lose your chance to become an owner of one of these unbelievable hypebeast shoes.

Jordan Shoe Box on Hybe
Jordan Shoes on Hybe

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4. 1% Yeezy - cheap hypebeast shoe mystery box on HypeDrop

Price: $4.98 - box link

We try to include mystery shoe boxes affordable for players with all budgets. Therefore, we present this really cool hype box which is worth just $5. But cheap doesn't mean having poor product quality here. It still contains amazing authentic Yeezy sneakers the cost of which starts from $200 and soars up to $700 for Yeezy Boost 350 V2. It may sound suspicious but HypeDrop is 100% legit and it uses a provably fair system that ensures fair unboxing.

Yeezy Shoes Box Hypedrop
Yeezy Shoes Hypedrop

All needed information about HypeDrop you will find here: HypeDrop Review

5. Premium Sneakers on Hybe

Price: $99.49 - box link

We are convinced that it is the best Nike shoe mystery box on the internet. Actually, there are other brands in this case but a great variety of Nike sneakers was the main reason to include this box into the list. There are more than 10 inclusive pairs of Nike shoes that won't leave you cold. Plus, you already know about the guaranteed value of unboxing on Hybe and we'd like to point out that the price of a potential prize you might unbox ranges from $99.50 to an unbelievable $5,499! All in all, Hybe is the best place for unboxing some clothes and footwear.

Premium Sneaker Box Hybe
Nike Shoes on Hybe

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Bonuses and promo codes for the top shoe mystery boxes

Despite the relatively low cost of the boxes, we won't leave without additional bonuses. First of all, remember that each of the mentioned websites has its own bonus system so don't miss our reviews to get to know all about it and make shoe box opening even more profitable. Sometimes you can even get a free shoe box and accordingly win more prizes. And who wouldn't like that?

Moreover, you can get more promo codes on our main page where we share only trusted online mystery boxes. All of the listed websites are checked and reviewed by our team.

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Remember to gamble responsibly and track your expenses while unboxing