Recently we discovered a new mystery website Unboxabox.com and, sure thing, could not stay aside. Looking pretty legitimate it still raised some suspicions, and we happen to be not the only ones who have doubts about this website. We have come across multiple reviews raising questions about the reliability and legitimacy of Unboxabox.com. And in this article, we are revealing all we have got on this mystery website. Read along not only to find out about Unboxabox.com but also to get a deeper understanding of detecting a scam website.


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  • Popular site
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Pros and Cons

  • Full mobile optimization
  • A user-friendly layout with a well-organized toolbar
  • Long-standing reputation
  • A lucrative three-tier bonus package
  • Accepts top-rated cryptocurrencies
  • The simple design of the website
  • Doesn't have an app

Social media

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What is Unboxabox?

Unboxabox.com appears as another place where you can open some mystery boxes and win authentic tech or brand stuff at the lowest price possible. Basically, you pay a fixed price for unboxing and hope to get something of a higher value than the initial price for the box.

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The process of creating an account on Unboxabox is extremely easy and you can even do it via your Facebook account. Though, usually, mystery sites provide users with more options to ensure fast and convenient registration. After that, you have to top up your account with some money to start unboxing.

What boxes can you find on Unboxabox.com?

There are 15 themed boxes on the website in general, some of which offer different tech devices, others are more about clothing brands. Compared to the most popular Mystery box websites like Drakemall or Hybe with 50+ cases, this quantity would impress no one except complete newbies.

Prices for the boxes range from $4 up to $69 per box and it’s considered to be the average price on the market. I mean, as long as we are talking about legit boxes with real prizes.

Range of boxes on Unboxabox

And they also boast to provide the users with a free box every 24 hours. The idea behind giving people a chance to try their luck without spending their money is great. Although, they require you to deposit some funds into the account first and only after you get a bonus box. Sounds a bit sleazy, doesn’t it?

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Feedback from real users

First of all, what made us seriously suspicious is the lack of external feedback platforms for real users’ reviews. They do not have a page on Trustpilot, the most popular place for sharing customers’ experiences.

If you just google unboxabox.com reviews you won’t see any mention of the people’s experiences with the website, whatsoever. So it was quite a challenge for us to find anything about how the website really works.

But we did our best and managed to dig out some of the feedback on a Facebook page about mystery boxes. And the comments on Unboxabox.com are not the best.

Real users' reviews on Unboxabox
Real users' reviews on Unboxabox-2

Is Unboxabox.com legit?

Apart from reviewing every mystery website that we come across we also want to educate our readers and teach them how to detect a scam site on their own.

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Getting back to the business, let’s take a look at what makes Unboxabox.com seem unreliable and scammy:

  • No age restrictions (except a teeny-tiny line in the website’ depth warning parents not to allow children to use the resource). Even though mystery unboxing is not claimed to be gambling, spending real money with the intention to profit resembles it pretty much. So it is important for us to know that kids are protected from the entertainment of that kind.
  • They provide users with zero details about how the website works. Before you register, you have no clue what payment and withdrawal options are available. You also can’t get any shipping information unless you win your prize.
  • The domain was registered only 1 year ago. Being new doesn’t necessarily mean being rigged but when it comes to risking your budget you’d rather go for the website that proved to be 100% trusted.
  • No reviews or unboxing videos neither on the website nor on external reviewing platforms. We understand that you might think that it is so since the website is brand-new and hasn’t got many users so far. However, they could have created at least the page on Trustpilot and encourage the players to make unboxing videos. And they do have users as you may see from previous reviews. The truth is, they do not want them to share their real experiences.
Unboxabox Payment Options
Unboxabox Shipping Process

Do we recommend Unboxabox.com?

Taking into account all the cons, certainly not. The website seems to be legit at first sight but it is totally misleading as you discover once you start thorough research.

Plus, risking your money for the trivial mystery cases that can be found on any legit website with lots of positive reviews makes no sense. So our final decision is obviously to avoid investing into unreliable websites and putting your budget under a risk.

What are the best legit Mystery Box websites?

If you still find the idea of winning valuable prizes without even leaving your room exciting we’d recommend you opening surprise boxes but stick to only reliable and trusted places. This is the only way to profit from unboxing without being ripped off.

From around 10 mystery sites that we have already tested and reviewed, we can doubtlessly recommend you only 4 legit mystery box websites:

  1. Drakemall – the best welcoming offer and a great variety of tech boxes. Still remains to be our favorite website for the unboxing experience.
  2. Hypedrop – top choice for hypebeast seekers.
  3. Hybe – limitless clothing boxes with authentic items.
  4. Dripdraw – the best gaming boxes and fast shipping around the world.

Don’t forget to check our main page if you want to get some great bonuses for unboxing on the best legit mystery box websites in 2022.

And also bear in mind that you have to track your budget and stop unboxing as soon as it becomes irrational and impulsive.