Unbox99 is an online mystery box full of hypebeast stuff but is it truly legit and trustworthy? Moreover, can you actually hope to receive any of your prizes? We have received many questions about this mystery box website because people get really suspicious about it. So if you want to save your money and still win some hype items stay with us. We will reveal all our concerns about Unbox99 and tell you where to open the mystery boxes safely and profitably.


Unbox99 is another unboxing website which allows you to buy a case for a fixed price and have a chance to unbox something of a higher value than the box itself. It was created 3 years ago and has been on the market for quite a long time but hasn’t improved even a bit.

It still seems like a target for kids – everything is bright and flashy. Not that we are judging the book by its cover but still if they don’t even have a budget for a proper design can you hope to receive an iPhone from them? For instance, Drakemall or HypeDrop constantly improve their websites and make them more transparent and easily navigated for users. But Unbox99 is different. It seems that it’s a kid who is behind all this. Just compare these 2 online mystery sites and you will get the idea:


Actually, they don’t even look like boxes. It’s a picture of 1 of the prizes from a particular collection. Another thing that bothers us is the absence of odds on the items. The chance to unbox a certain item is something that makes online mystery boxes actually legit. Otherwise, you have no idea what are your chances to win the prize you like.

Especially, when it comes to someone inexperienced. You see that the box costs $10 and the prizes are a new PC or Supreme bag so, of course, you immediately go for it. But once you know the odds you will think twice about buying and opening the case.

This is how the items look on Unbox99:

And how the odds are supposed to be displayed:

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To start with, Unbox99 is the first unboxing website that doesn’t let you top up your account directly from your fund’s source. You’ve got to use Bitcoin or buy their gift card. As a rule, on a legit online mystery box, you can choose whatever payment method you find trustworthy and use it to put money into your account. You definitely don’t have to buy some gift cards or anything of that kind.

They boast of having global shipping but the thing is that there is no proof whatsoever that they actually deliver the item you won. The reason we say that is because we haven’t found any unboxing videos or just reviews from people who had an unboxing experience on Unbox99.


There is no other way to discover whether the website actually delivers the prizes or not. You either try your luck and risk your money or read the reviews of those who have already tried it. Needless to say, the second option is more appealing if you don’t want to waste a fortune on a mystery opening because the main idea of it is to profit from unboxing. Therefore, one of our main requests to online mystery boxes is the presence of real reviews somewhere on reliable feedback platforms like TrustPilot. But Unbox99, despite being not new (the domain was registered around 3 years ago), still hasn’t got any reviews.

You can’t find any unboxing videos neither on the website nor anywhere else. Taking into account the period of their existence, it’s very strange and unusual.


To sum everything up, we wouldn’t recommend you even give Unbox99 a shot. The website might turn out to be legit but it’s definitely not worth your time and money. It’s a given that mystery unboxing is always connected with some risks and you can lose on any mystery box website but why go for something of a low value? Once you are up to trying your luck with unboxing it’s better to choose a proper place with authentic items and unique valuable offers. So that when you spend some money on it will eventually pay off. And our main goal is to help you find such unboxing websites.

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Now you might have a question about what this place would be. Here are our requirements for mystery box websites:

  • Valid HTTPS certificate
  • Feedback on external platforms (TrustPilot, Youtube, Facebook groups)
  • Unboxing videos on the website
  • Bonuses and promo codes (especially for new users)
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Global shipping
  • Various payment methods
  • Odds displayed on each item

This is how we narrow the massive amount of online surprise boxes to just 4 which meet all the requirements above. Save these sites if you feel like unboxing some cool authentic items for a ridiculously low price.

  • Drakemall – has the biggest welcome bonuses + free boxes for unboxing videos.
  • Dripdraw – amazing choice of boxes for different budgets and tastes.
  • Hybe – the best clothing cases from various brands.
  • HypeDrop – hypebeast mystery boxes stuff for all tastes, famous brands, a lot of tech collections.

To save up some money use our promo codes for each of these box opening websites: The Best Mystery Box Websites in 2024 + Bonuses

Remember to gamble responsibly and control your expenses even when you are opening the boxes on legit and trusted websites.

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