Best Subscription Box Sites in 2022


Planning to find a place with the best subscription boxes? Our list of the best in 2022 is recommended websites where you can choose and buy the best subscription box.
All sites in our TOP are tested, verified, and regularly reviewed by our staff.
Enjoy box opening the right way.

Last updated: May 2022

  • Lootcrate

    Loot Crate

     (4.7 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • subscription boxes Popular Site
    • bonus Bonuses Available on Site
    • #1 monthly mystery box Top 3 Site

    25% off on Loot Gaming welcome crate

    Want to unbox 4+ exclusive collectibles every month? Get the #1 monthly mystery box for geeks & gamers!

  • Fanchest


     (4.5 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • hot Popular Site
    • bonus Bonuses Available on Site
    • top3 Top 3 Site

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    Popular Sports Gift subscription box site | $10 Free sign up bonus

  • Birchbox


    VGO SiteVGO Site
     (4.5 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • hot Popular Site
    • top3 Top 3 Site


    Popular Beauty and Grooming subscription box site | Subscription Boxes: Makeup, Haircare, Skincare, etc.

  • Battlbox


     (4 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • top 5 New Site


    Survival & Outdoor Gears subscription box site | Monthly Giveaway

  • Candy Club

    Candy Club

    VGO SiteVGO Site
     (3.5 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • top 5 Sweet Site


    Subscription box service that delivers the freshest & most delicious candies!

Real Mystery Boxes: What are the subscription or monthly boxes?

There are virtual mystery boxes that you can get from virtual mystery boxes sites and also there are e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay that offer monthly real mystery boxes or subscription boxes. So what exactly are these real mystery boxes offer from websites like Amazon and eBay? These boxes are a frequent delivery of niche products. Amazon or eBay monthly boxes are real mystery boxes that contain a wide variety of a particular niche product such as beauty boxes, food boxes, game boxes and so on. Once you picked a specific niche, then you can see various mystery box offering on the website and then make your order.

Subscription boxes websites

There are also subscription boxes websites such as LootCrate that offer Mystery boxes to Gamer, Anime Fans and Geeks. Once you subscribe to get these boxes, they will deliver them to you at your doorstep but you won’t know the content inside the crate until it is opened. These real boxes are delivered to subscribers based on the length of their subscription. LootCrate subscription box services always keep each month's mystery box items a surprise.

More information about loot box can be found on

Also, one of the newest trends in real mystery boxes is Dark Web ones. These can be ordered from the DarkWeb and can contain scary or even dangerous items.

Find the best subscription box websites

Over time, we have been testing and reviewing multiple subscription websites. Based on the various tests, we have created the list of the Best in 2022 compiled from search info, functionality and popularity. This list of top sites was created and tested with our own Evaluation Methodology which includes:

  • Security & Reliability - takes care of the safety of payment options and how reliable such payment implementation is for users.
  • Design & User Experience - this option exploits the layout of the webpage and easiness to navigate through various mystery box websites.
  • Customer support & Communication with users - this option covers their availability and activeness on social networks. How effective their customer support is to users and level of friendliness during communication.
  • Range of boxes & prices - here we look at types of items available, their quality and value.
  • Delivery - the delivery option covers options available for delivery of items, time frame, and global coverage.

Ordering stuff online is quite a relaxed exercise because we know its content already. The Real mystery boxes come with another level of uncertainty and excitement as well. The items in such box can be very different, from poor to supreme, whatever you get is all dependent on luck. But with the new trend online, we have mystery boxes available from gambling and gaming, with item unveiled right after the case opening of this online mystery box!