The Best $10 Mystery Boxes in 2022 for Sale

Mystery unboxing has already become one of the favorite ways to shop online since it combines 2 things people like the most: huge discounts for valuable products and the excitement of surprises. But even though the price for unboxing is much cheaper than the items themselves you might find it worrying to spend $50-100 for your first box opening. So we prepared a new great collection for you which combines tech, hypebeast, and clothing brands boxes for sale. And the price of each of them is never higher than $10 to ensure profitable unboxing for you. Wait no longer and win real prizes with our best 10-dollar mystery boxes online.

Last updated: May 2022

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What is the difference between an expensive and 10-dollar mystery box

This question pops up here and there when people just start opening the boxes online and don't understand the principles of the process. Let's say we have 2 boxes with Apple products but one of them costs $10 while the other - $125. Of course, you keep wondering what's the point of wasting an extra $100. The thing is, that the more the box costs, the higher the chances of unboxing certain items are. It might as well affect the content of the box. As a rule, pricey cases also include more cool items.

1. Best phones 2022 on Drakemall

Website: Drakemall


More than 30 smartphones are collected in this box any of which can become yours once you unbox this case. Regardless if you are an android or apple lover there will be something to satisfy your needs. We are especially excited about the idea that those are not just any random phones but the latest cutting-edge gadgets for real geeks. For example, one of the Samsung phones in this case is worth $1200 and the latest iPhone 12 pro is included as well. And you know how pricey apple products might be. To eliminate all your doubts - Drakemall allows you to exchange items to make sure you end up with what you want.

Drakemall Photo Box
Drakemall Photo Box Content

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2. Yoga essentials on Hybe

Website: Hybe

Okay, we know that this box isn?t gonna have as many fans as our tech case but we figured that our users need some variety and mystery packages for different needs. Therefore, we added this collection of cool clothes which not only yoga lovers will find appealing but anyone who is into sports. Among the items there are authentic Off-white, Nike, Adidas, Reebok clothing and footwear. Plus, lots of sports accessories and special equipment. So regardless of where you are Hybe ensures you have the best sports experience with this dope collection.

Hybe Yoga Box
Hybe Yoga Box Content

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3. Nike Budget on Lootie

Website: Lootie


There are only 3 items that are cheaper than the unboxing cost. The rest of the prizes are authentic sneakers with a real price from $123 to 2787! The most expensive and accordingly desired item is a pair of Nike Air Force 1 which can become yours if you are lucky enough to unbox it. Thus, $10 hypebeast mystery box can save you up to $2000 on buying some brand stuff. Might sound too good to be true but this is the case when it's really possible. Of course, not from the first attempt but on Lootie there is also a chance to exchange an item you won and try opening again. Basically, you can't lose here.

Lootie Nike Box
Lootie Nike Box Content

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4. Photo Box on Drakemall

If you are a photographer or youtuber this tech $10 mystery box is a great way to get awesome professional gear for your needs and spend as little money as possible. Among the items you?ll find: Nikon D850, Go Pro Hero 7, Instax Mini 90, Photo printer and many more. Moreover, the case contains not only items for shooting but also for editing. For example, a bundle "Photoshop and lightroom". Become a pro in no time with this dope Drakemall collection.

Drakemall Photo Box
Drakemall Photo Box Content

5. Supreme collection on Hype Drop

Website: HypeDrop

We are huge fans of Hypedrop's boxes. They are always up-to-date, full of hypebeast authentic items but there is one downside - the cost of unboxing. Once you enter you get really overwhelmed by the variety of bright brand boxes and willing to open them all. But to be honest, the price isn't always reasonable so we had to dig deeper and eventually discovered this treasure. Despite being relatively cheap this surprise box isn't just a random box of stuff but it delivers great value to supreme fans. So definitely worth opening if you?re into authentic brand clothes and huge discounts.

Hypedrop Supreme Box
Hypedrop Supreme Box Content

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Other awesome mystery crates to open in 2022

Some of you might be well experienced in mystery unboxing and just 5 boxes we collected here won?t be enough. And that's why we want to tell you about the rest. So far we?ve gathered 5 different collections with tech stuff, gaming gear, hypebeast clothing and sneakers. Leaving all the links here so that you could explore what mystery boxes have to offer:

Also, don't forget that on our main page you can find promo codes for top legit and trusted online mystery boxes in 2022. Collect bonuses, open the boxes and win great prizes.