Best Mystery Box Sites
in 2022

TOP 5 places to buy boxes

Planning to find a place where you can buy the best mystery boxes online? Our list covers top-rated mystery boxes websites in 2022. We truly recommend these websites if you need a place where it is possible to open the best virtual loot boxes with real prizes. All sites in our TOP are tested, verified, and regularly reviewed by our staff.
Enjoy the case opening in the right way.

Last updated: May 2022

  • Lootie


     (4.9 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
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    Best place to buy Mystery Boxes

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  • Drakemall


     (4.9 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
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    • top Top Site
    • visa/mastercard Payment Systems

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  • HypeDrop


     (3.9 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • visa/mastercard Payment Systems



    It's a good website if you want to have some fun and you're not full of hopes

  • MysteryOpening


     (3.6 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • bonus Bonuses Available on Site

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    Do you enjoy it when people give you something unexpected as a present? Then this is it! Open virtual mystery boxes, win rewards and get physical items delivered right to you.

  • hybe


     (3.5 out of 5)
    • verified Verified Site
    • visa/mastercard Payment Systems
    • bonus Bonuses Available on Site

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What is a Mystery Box?

A mystery box - is a bunch of different items collected in 1 case which you can open for a fixed price directly on the website (virtual mystery boxes) or at home once it’s delivered (real mystery boxes). They can contain any range of items from fashion clothes to iPhones and other gadgets.

If you are new to the whole trend you might need a short preview before choosing the best website for the unboxing experience. So firstly, make sure you’re well-informed about all the specifics and pitfalls. Supposing you would like to go to the depth we previously covered all the needed information in another article “What is a Mystery box”. You can also find many reviews on Trustpilot, social media, especially Youtube. Just make sure those are unbiased opinions and not sponsored videos.

Online Mystery Boxes with real prizes

Well, you already understand that with the virtual mystery boxes you are expected to unbox right on the website. The content of a virtual box is usually one item per box as compared to a few items with the traditional secret boxes. After winning on a mystery box website, users can request delivery to your address or try other options offered by the site.

Legit virtual boxes are a win-win situation as a rule. These cases seek to limit monotonous purchases to something involving. The mystery chest unboxing (or case opening as it's more known in the gaming community) available on various websites including ones from our Top, also aids in bringing back that priceless gaming feel. These kind of surprise boxes are suitable for everybody, but gamers (CS:GO or Dota 2 players) or geeks know more about them.

More information about loot box can be found on

Mystery box Trend

Google Trends: a chronological increase in the popularity of mystery boxes on the chart, and by the end of 2020, the peak is noticeable due to the growing popularity of virtual boxes in the US and around the world.

A little bit more about Real Boxes

Real mystery boxes can be found almost everywhere: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, LootCrate, and other subscription boxes sites. By ordering one of these surprise boxes you will receive a package with several random items (they can be completely random, or belong to specific subjects like gaming or a particular brand). You won’t know exactly what you receive till you open the box. The main reason to purchase these boxes is to receive something valuable for a little price paid. This way you can get clothes, electronics, tech stuff, gifts, etc.

How to find the best legit mystery box websites

There are plenty of mystery boxes websites to pick from, and this alone makes the process of discovering a great one an intimidating task. Therefore, we could not stand aside and completed all the hard work for you. The best mystery boxes websites offer several categories of packages. This way users can pick from the beginning with trend accessories.

Over time, we have been testing and reviewing multiple CS:GO open case, lootbox, and mystery box websites. Based on the various tests and having considered all pros and cons, we have created the list of the coolest mystery box websites in 2022 compiled from search info, functionality, and popularity. This list of top sites was created and tested with our own Evaluation Methodology which includes next crucial characteristics:

  • Security & Reliability - website takes care of the safety of payment options and how reliable such payment methods are for users.
  • Design & User Experience - this option exploits the layout of the webpage and easiness to navigate through various mystery box websites.
  • Customer support & Communication with users - this aspect covers their availability and activeness on social networks. How effective their customer support is for users and level of friendliness during communication.
  • Range of boxes & prices - here we evaluate the variety of items available, their quality and value to meet customer’s demand.
  • Delivery - the delivery option covers options available for delivery of items, time frame, and global coverage. That’s how you can get your prize regardless if you are in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

So these are basic points you’ve got to keep in mind while choosing a legit website for an unboxing experience. Drakemall, Hybe, Lootie, Hypedrop, and Unbox99 meet all these requirements so you can feel safe as long as you stick to any of those. Anyways we understand that each of you might have your own preferences and therefore defined each of these sites for the purpose it serves the best.

Best Mystery Boxes sites (most trusted):

  1. Drakemall

  2. Lootie

  3. HypeDrop

  4. MysteryOpening

  5. Hybe

You can find more details and bonus codes in the table above - [more info].

Best Mystery website for first-timers

Although all websites from the list provide users with welcome bonuses and free boxes, Drakemall stands out thanks to its very appealing offer to add up to 100% of your initial deposit. This way if you put 100$ you may end up with an additional 100$. Consequently, you are able to buy more boxes and win more prizes or just buy the one you couldn’t afford before.

Another reason to choose Drakemall as your first mystery box site is the minimum price of the cases. Even if you are on a low budget or simply do not want to waste money on something unknown you can buy a box just for a dollar. Of course, in that case the chances to profit are pretty low but at least you can test it without paying a fortune.

Best Gaming Mystery box

The whole trend came from the gaming industry as we mentioned before so no wonder most places still have a lot of options for gamers. We’d like to highlight Drakemall here as a place that has the most outstanding collection of gaming boxes. Among which you can find PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Console box, etc.

Surprisingly enough the cheapest case here costs $1.79 and the most expensive mystery box is just $28.49. I mean, for the value of its contet the price is ridiculously low. So if you’re a gamer looking for some bargains you definitely don’t want to miss this chance.

Best Hypebeast Mystery box

HypeDrop is an undoubted leader regarding Hypebeast stuff all youngsters are so crazy about. Actually, they even boast to have only authentic items in their boxes. Thus, HypeDrop gives you access to such famous brands as Supreme, Nike, Louis Vuitton regardless of what sum you have on your account. Even if you purchase a $15-box you have a chance to win new Balenciaga shoes or Supreme bag.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise you will but bear in mind that Hypedrop as the rest websites from our list has a guaranteed payout to ensure you don’t leave empty-handed. So at least an iPhone case or Supreme mug will make it up to you.

Best Mystery website with clothing

Hybe offers the widest selection of clothing boxes. And in comparison to HypeDrop not only Hypebeast Balenciaga, Supreme, or Gucci but some other interesting unique collections with jewelry, accessories, and streetwear. Among their available cases, you’ll find even something uncommon for traditional sites. For example yoga collection, K-pop, or Pokemon box. It's sort of online shopping when you need just a laptop to get new sneakers. The only difference is that mystery box opening is more like video games than online stores. You never know what product you get unless you unbox and reveal the result.

Best Electronics Mystery box

You don’t need to be told that prices for all the gadgets are extremely high these days and the necessity to replace each device every once in a while doesn’t give you much of a choice but to try your luck winning it instead of paying the whole price. And when it comes to winning electronics we do prefer the Lootie website.

There are at least 20 boxes just with Apple products not mentioning other Hypebeast electronics both budget and premium options. The prices for the boxes start from $2.99 up to $49 depending on what is inside and the probability to profit from the unboxing. But even if you pay more to open mystery boxes on Lootie it's still cheaper than buying a new iPhone in a store.

Free Mystery box promo codes and bonuses

After a few hints, you have already guessed that we do have some free mystery box promo codes and bonuses to offer? Well, yes and you are lucky to have come across this page!

We are not only reviewing these sites, but we also want users to experience the possibilities available on the best loot box sites. The surprise box promo codes and bonuses are part of our several giveaways for users who are looking for or checking out the best mystery box sites in 2022 or seeking top sites to get started with! Try our promo codes and other available bonuses today to get started. We hope you get rewarded as soon as possible!


Can I exchange my winnings if I don’t like what I get?

If you stick to the mystery boxes sites from our list we can ensure that you definitely can. You just sell your prize with a small commission paid and use this money to spin more.

How much money do I need to buy a mystery box?

The prices for boxes start from as low as 0.99$ which makes it more than affordable. Especially taking into account that all the mentioned sites offer great welcome bonuses. Plus, you do have our bonus to make it even more profitable.

Are these mystery boxes legit?

Sorry to say but there are some dishonest people out there. That’s why we shared all the websites we trust and requirements you should check before going in for a new website.

What is a guaranteed value?

On legit mystery box websites when you buy a box for let’s say $5 you’re bound to win something worth at least $5.

Enjoy Your Mystery Boxing

We hope you find our selected top sites helpful. Also, remember to try our bonus code because we do not want just to provide you with the reviews but also guarantee the best experience from this new entertainment. As well as make it profitable and beneficial for you.

With these tips and recommendations, you should have no trouble finding the best site from our lists of the top 5 Mystery Box sites!

Remember that gambling is fun provided you treat it with full responsibility and don't bet more than you can afford to lose.