Do you still think that Lootie is one of the best Mystery box websites in 2024? Unfortunately, we will disappoint you as well as this brand disappointed us. From our experience and customer reviews, we can't recommend you to play on this website. We will tell you everything about unboxing on Lootie, its boxes, payment options, and the shipping process. Of course, we'll cover all possible bonuses and promo codes for profitable box opening for you. But it's only up to you to accept the risk to try it or not.


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Is Lootie a SCAM? Looks so! We don’t recommend you to open Lootie boxes. Read the review to know why.

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    Credit/Debit Card, Visa/MasterCard, G2APay, Gift Cards, Bitcoin, Skrill/Neteller, SkinPay
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  • Popular site
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  • Design could be better
  • Not trusted
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  • Payment Methods:
    Credit/Debit Card, Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, G2APay, Bitcoin, Neteller, SkinPay
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Pros and Cons

  • Popular site
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  • Shipping may take longer
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Is Lootie legal? Why do users trust it and increase its overall rating? A lot of customers think that Lootie is amazing, that it allows you to get access to wonderful Items that are hard to find or too expensive. But it just till the moment when they will try it! The company had many positive reviews from customers and independent users, but now we see that negative ratings and bad feedback increased. Actually, from these reviews and our own experience, we come to the conclusion that this brand is not what it seems to be. So if you’re wondering too if Lootie is a SCAM or not, continue reading.


In a nutshell, Lootie is another mystery box website where you can do some fun unboxing and try to win cool authentic stuff without even leaving your apartment.

The scheme is a common one: you pay a fixed price for a box and win a random item from it. Supposing, you buy a 10-dollar case and unbox new hypebeast sneakers worth $400. Sounds appealing, right? But the prize might be not only more expensive than your initial deposit but also cheaper. As usually happening on this website. Anyways, you always have some chance to make the unboxing profitable for you once you have all the needed information at your fingertips.

If you are new to the whole mystery trend you need to go through some basics: What is a Mystery box?

Consumers are prepared to acquire β€˜mystery boxes,’ and each box shows a vast arrangement of reasonable items. They can see all of the choices but they don’t realize precisely what they’ll get before they unbox it, preparing the shopping occasion to be fascinating. But is lootie.com legit? Not sure about it!

πŸ’» NameLootie.com
❓ LegitNO
πŸ’Έ Banking optionsVisa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller
πŸ’¬ Customer support[email protected]
🎁 The most popular boxesLucky Dunky box
☎️ Contact information+35383947382
πŸ”™ Returnswithin 14 days
πŸ’― Promo codemysterry
🚚 Shippingwithin 5 days


It’s a given that online mystery boxes seem a risky business to try. Especially if you are playing on Lootie. But if you want to check if Lootie box is legit by yourself, you can use our Lootie mystery box codes. Therefore, most people who unbox the cases look for an opportunity to save up as much as possible with promo codes and bonuses.

To borrow the promo code, you desire either to comprehend it or during the event. You can also use the restricted referral statute in a private state. With such bonuses, you can save lots of cash. Different promotions are really reasonable for both beginners and experienced players. Lootie has a promotion for a gift card or a free box. These are the most popular bonuses. Gift card is a referral system, you can share this promotion with your friends and get 10% per one person. And also you can receive a free box code from the referral code.

We don’t recommend you to play on this brand, but if you still want to try, we have a special code for you – just click on the button below and get your free box at Lootie.com:

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or just enter the code word “mysterry” in the field:

But to ensure your great first mystery box opening experience we have gathered all the codes here:Β The Best mystery box websites in 2024 + codes


Based on the collected information from Scamdetector, Scamadvisor, and hundreds of surveys on Trustpilot reviews we are convinced that Lootie is not legit online mystery box, even if from the firs view it looks so.

Its domain was registered 16 years ago. Moreover, it’s detected by no blacklist engine and obtains valid HTTPS Connection. Many people have questions: is Lootie rigged, is Lootie safe and trustworthy? We can`t recommend you to play on Lootie for a few reasons:

  • From our last customer feedback researches, we found out that it has a lot of problems with delivery and shipping
  • Promo codes doesn’t work
  • Customer support doesn’t answer requests

Learn how to detect mystery box scams websites: Are Mystery Boxes Legit?

Choosing a site to order a mystery box, you need to pay attention to a lot of important points. Because there are more cases of fraud when a person buys a box and gets nothing. It is very important to look through all the documents of the companies and to understand are mystery boxes legal. And yet, we have come to the conclusion that Lootie is working illegally. First, we pay attention to the reviews regarding this company, and a huge part of it is negative. From the first view, the website utilizes a difficult and comprehensive authentication procedure before trucking the interests to the buyers. But even if you will be lucky enough to win some good item that worse all expenses, you can’t be sure that Lootie really will deliver it!


Our main requirement for all the Mystery box websites is the presence of external feedback platforms. This is the only way to make sure the website is legit and trusted. Moreover, when you read about the experiences of other users you may find some valuable tips. To bring you the most up-to-date information, we take reviews from unofficial sites. The most important thing is to take information from independent sites. Sometimes our colleagues, on their own experience, test the sites for honesty. We also look at the appearance of the site. For a long time, our team analyzes users’ comments and only then sets the verdict.
Here are some Lootie Trustpilot reviews.

Link to review
Link to review

But we didn’t want to rely on only one source of information. Therefore, we add some feedback from Facebook:

More reviews on Lootie and its comparison with the best Mystery box online Drakemall here: Lootie VS Drakemall


Once you heard β€” is lootie.com legit? Alright, we can’t prove Lootie to be a legit unboxing website. Let’s dive into some pros and cons of this mystery website to see more details:


  • massive choice of mystery boxes balance
  • possibility to exchange and sell unwanted items
  • pretty affordable cases (the cost varies from $2.99 to $299.99 for a hybebeast Balenciaga box)


  • winning on Lootie is something unlikely to happen
  • no welcoming bonuses
  • hard to find promo codes
  • shipping may take too long (around 3 weeks)
  • customer support doesn’t work

All in all, if you still want to try, you can use our Lootie free box codes 2024. But we hardly recommend you to play on more trusted websites, like Drakemall.

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If generous bonuses are your top priority check this mystery website:Β Drakemall – the best mystery box website in 2024


You can safely trust our reviews because we are interested in their quality in the first place. If the review is really good, then readers will come again and again. This way we can make a profit because you sometimes follow the referral links. Therefore, it is advantageous for us to be satisfied with gifts. Reviews are written by professional experts who have long worked in this field and know how to work.


Probably only one of Lootie advantages is its user-friendly design that makes the website super easy to navigate. Even if you are new to unboxing you’re gonna learn how to open the cases in no time. We would split everything into a few steps:

Create an account on Lootie.com

The first thing you need to do to start unboxing on Lootie is to sign up. There are a few options for doing that. The fastest and easiest way is to use your Google or Facebook account. As well, you may come up with a new username, secure password, and enter your email address. In a matter of seconds, your account will be set up. However, you need to be very careful when registering with lootie boxes and fill everything correctly so that the company does not have questions for you.

Top up your account with some money

The website provides you with lots of payment methods so that you may pick the one you feel most safe with. Some of the available options are VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and even Bitcoins. After the deposit was put into the account you are ready for opening your first random box on Lootie. You also can choose lootie.com codes if you have one.

Choose a mystery box

Go to the section “Mystery Boxes” and among dozens of cases pick the one which is in your favor. They are all divided into categories like electronics or streetwear. You are able to investigate the content of each case before paying for its unboxing. Once you find a surprise box with the best content and you want to give it a shot click on “open the box” and wait until your prize is displayed.

Order delivery of your prize

If you are satisfied with the result of unboxing, insert information about your address and wait for your order to be delivered. Currently, they ship globally so you can enjoy discounted Mystery unboxing from each corner of the world.


By the way, there are several alternative domains like Lootie.

  1. MysteryOpening β€” It is a well-established domain. This category has been around for some period. Therefore, it has proposed its importance as a credible mystery box forum.  Review
  2. Drakemall was reviewed as one of the most significant and rapidly growing mystery box domains. This is so because of the relatively low taxes that the domain spends on its boxes. Also, it retains a wealthy variety of mystery boxes from which you can choose what suits you. Review
  3. Dripdraw – it`s an new and amazing brand with a lot of positive customer feedback, nice prizes and great bonus offers. Review
  4. Hypedrop β€” one of the extraordinary elements of this domain is the duration of its development and invitations. For instance, hypedrop promo laws let you earn extraordinary available boxes full of outstanding elements. This is comparable to the lootie card policy that authorizes you to get free box opportunities. Review


In short, we have come to the conclusion that the company is not valid. And when someone asks if Lootie a legit website, we can answer that we can’t be sure about it anymore. If you are an experienced user, we would recommend you to choose an alternative website for box opening, and if you are a first-time player – Lootie is not the best option for you to start with.


  • Is there an opportunity to choose the size of the clothing and footwear?

    Sure. If you unbox any clothing item before you order a delivery there will be a chance to select your size.

  • Can I exchange the item I won?

    Yes. When you unbox a box and aren’t really satisfied with the prize you can sell it immediately. In that case, the funds will be transferred back to your account and you can use them for further unboxing.

  • Does Lootie ship worldwide?

    Yes. Your location may only impact the dates of the delivery. You can order a box to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom or another country.

  • How long does it take to receive my prize?

    It depends on a lot of factors. They claim to deliver the items within 3 weeks. But at the same time, Lootie makes no warranty when it comes to the dates.

  • Do I have to pay for shipping?

    Yes. You will have to cover all further expenses related to the delivery of your prize (taxes, customs fees, etc.)

  • How to get free boxes on Lootie?

    To get a free box you need to enter a promotional code. It must be current at the time of its use. You can also get a free box if you invite many friends.

  • Does Lootie actually work?Β 

    We can’t recommend you to play on this website due to the fresh customer feedback.

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