What is a Mystery Box

We doubt that there is anyone who has missed all the hype around so-called mystery boxes. But nevertheless, it's still quite a challenge to find reliable and even more important honest reviews about this mestery trend on the internet. So if you're tired of all sponsored videos which just try to oversell but not explain what mystery box actually is and whether it's worth your money and time this article is for you.

Last updated: May 2022

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To begin with, Amazon mystery boxes and virtual mystery boxes: what is the difference?

To put it across simply a mystery box is a surprise box with a secret prize inside. You pay a fixed price to unbox it and see what you got.

This trend has grown in popularity since the early Amazon, eBay, Noughties, monthly/subscription boxes from LootCrate, Geekcases, etc. It was well-known in the gaming community, especially csgo players. Though, the recent massive upsurge in demand is thanks to YouTubers making video content about their experience with the case opening. Mystery loot boxes can be divided into real and virtual mystery boxes.

Real boxes are those presented by classic Amazon and others. When you buy one the delivery comes one day to your address and after unpacking you may reveal what is inside. But the revolutionary virtual mystery boxes went even further and let the customers find out what their winnings are right away on the website. Let's take a quick look at what other aspects they are different:

Real boxes:

  • less exciting because you've got to reveal your prize only once it's delivered
  • usually more expensive boxes
  • selection of categories is not satisfactory

Virtual boxes

  • relatively low prices of the boxes
  • great variety of themed cases
  • possibility to exchange your prize directly on the website
  • provide the users with different bonuses, gift cards, promo codes, giveaways

How does virtual unboxing work?

So once again virtual mystery boxes are as well the boxes (cases) that contain several random or topic items (with the same principles as loot boxes in video games). They may contain any range of items from Nike sneakers to iPhones in one box or split all the items into themed boxes such as Electronics, Apple, Supreme, Beauty box, etc. Typically that's what good mystery box websites would do in order not to confuse the users.

Themed Virtual Mystery boxes

Next thing you need to know (and that's what we especially love about unboxing websites) that you can actually explore the content of each case before paying for a spin. This is how you can ensure whether a particular box contains something valuable for you. All you need to do is just simply click on the one you like and all the content will be at your disposal.

Content of Mystery box
Content of Mystery box 2

Only once you make sure you like the items in the box you may click on the button "Open" and try your luck with it. The process of unboxing on such websites is pure and simple and can be divided into 5 steps.

5 steps to win your first prize:

  1. Register on the chosen website (you can do this using an email or a social media account)
  2. Put into your account some deposit money (you don't want to forget the bonus codes we are sharing to increase your initial sum). There are different payment methods including credit and debit cards, Bitcoins, etc.
  3. Select the type of box regarding your taste (electronic devices, brand clothing, gaming and tech stuff, etc.)
  4. Spin the wheel and reveal the item you won.
  5. Order delivery to your address. Usually legit mystery box websites deliver around the world. This way you can get your prizes no matter whether you are in the USA, Canada, Australia or somewhere in Europe.
  6. Enjoy your prize

Are Mystery box sites legit or scam?

The thing is that with any kind of gambling there are some risks. The first one is choosing an unreliable website in the first place. Such websites may deceive the customers and not deliver the winnings. So you want to steer clear of those and always do your research on a particular website you put your money on.

Another common complaint is that it's impossible to win anything and therefore mystery box websites are a scam. But it also depends on what site you go in for. We recommend you to choose only websites which have a guaranteed value. This way you always know that you get something at least worth the price of the box.

Needless to say that even in that case you can be unsatisfied unless you profit. Otherwise you may open the mystery boxes and every time end up with a keychain or a sticker instead of a Gucci bag or Playstation. So let's go deeper and see what factors affect the value of the product you may get.

The chances to win something valuable

As you may have seen on the picture each particular box has its own price and it can affect the chances of winning something worth more than you spend on the box itself. Putting it across simply in most cases the more expensive the case is the easier it gets to profit from unboxing.

The good thing is that you actually don't even want to guess because all legit mystery sites are very transparent about the probabilities of winning certain things. You may see that each item has a stated chance of unboxing it.

Where can I buy a legit Mystery box?

We talked a lot about how important it is to stick to legit and trusted mystery websites. Remember that you should do a bit of Googling to read reviews and what other people say about the gambling site you are considering! Previous and current players can often offer a lot of insight into the pros and cons of each site, and recommendations, which can help you decide.

But if you praise your time you must love us for having already done this job for you. We constantly test and do our research on mystery box websites. We try to be very objective during our review and point to all strong and weak points of each website.Moreover, every single article is complemented by real feedback from Trustpilot as well as video unboxing.

For now we have 5 leaders that proved to be legit and trusted:

  1. Drakemall
  2. Lootie
  3. Hybe
  4. Hypedrop
  5. Unbox99

Is Mystery box worth trying?

As we see it and you may now as well, these "surprise" boxes gave people a chance to win something extraordinary and encounter the excitement that comes with opening a box the content of which is completely unknown. Moreover, you can do it anytime and from anywhere. It sounds just like a surprise gift for your birthday. With the only difference that it's up to you what kind of gift you end up with and when to receive it.

Having all that information at your fingertips you are bound to have fun and avoid the disappointment of losing money.