Apple gadgets are gaining more and more popularity each year. But don't you feel that it's almost impossible to keep up with all the upgrades? I mean, once money is tight you can't really afford to immediately replace your old laptop with a brand-new MacBook Pro. But you don?t have to say no to your wishes because we collected top-5 apple mystery boxes that will give you a chance to unbox your favorite devices for ridiculously cheap prices. Moreover, since the iPhone is the most popular Apple product so far we even found the entire box devoted to the latest smartphones. Waste no more time and dive into this cool collection that we prepared for you.


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Actually, they are no different from any other mystery collections in terms of legitimacy. As long as you stick to reliable and trusted online mystery boxes you have nothing to worry about. We review and test new surprise websites as soon as they appear on the internet so you can be sure to receive only up-to-date information about unboxing on our website.

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First of all, If you are a complete newbie to box opening we’d rather recommend you to start from this article to learn the ropes and only after choose an apple case. This article will help you understand how to start, where to buy the best surprise boxes and how to save money on it.

Supposedly, you already know the basics here is a short action plan for you:

  • check our list of 5 the best apple mystery boxes
  • find the case you like the most
  • top-up your account with the adequate sum for unboxing (the price of a particular case)
  • open the box and reveal your prize
  • if you like what you have won order a delivery to your address (all the sites ship globally)
  • brag about your new iPhone or latest MacBook (not necessarily but you won’t be able to resist)


Price: $9.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

Once you open the box you get really overwhelmed by the variety of iOS products which might become your prizes. All in all, there are around 50 cutting-edge gadgets for your both professional and everyday needs. You pay only $9.99 and end up winning one of the iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches or accessories such as, for example, a magic keyboard or a pencil. Of course, you can examine the entire case prior to paying for it. Moreover, Drakemall provides the users with a chance to run a test spin to get the idea of how mystery opening works before you spend real money on it.

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Price: $29.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: mysterry – Sign Up to Get a Bonus

Compared to Drakemall’s collection this particular one hasn’t got such a wide choice of items inside. Nevertheless, almost all potential prizes are extremely valuable and worth much more than the box itself. Among them, you will find up-to-date laptops and phones, as well as the latest Airpods and other Apple accessories. One of the drawbacks of Lottie is the lack of test spin but if you’ve already tried opening mystery boxes before it won’t make a difference. You already know what it is like and are ready to win some real authentic stuff.

Get to know Lootie better: Lootie Review


Price: $83.99 – box link

That’s the most expensive mystery box on our list so it’s a great choice for those who are already experienced in mystery unboxing. Once you pay this much for the box opening you can be sure to find an exclusively authentic case every item of which is worth the initial price for unboxing. There are 7 latest iPhones, 2 MacBooks and several Ipads to ensure profitable mystery unboxing for you. Of course, there is an opportunity to exchange items if you’re not satisfied with your prize. But can you really be unsatisfied with such items?

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Price: $9.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: boxmystery – Sign Up to Get a Bonus

This particular surprise case may not be the most appealing in the list but still, it’s the most affordable option so far, especially good if you’re new to unboxing boxes and accordingly not eager to risk. For as low as $2 you can try your luck with mystery box opening without spending too much. The content of the box is still pretty interesting and apple lovers would definitely find the prizes useful, though the chances of unboxing a valuable item are slightly lower than on more expensive boxes. Anyways, we recommend giving it a shot before going for other more pricey cases.

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Price: $3.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 – ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

Last but not least, the collection is especially good for those who need a new iPhone and don’t want to mess around with any other items. If you choose to open this box you might be certain to unbox one of the iPhones or cool hypebeast accessories to your smartphone. Also, bear in mind that Drakemall gives free boxes to the users on a regular basis so you might even get to open this case for zero cost!


To sum everything up we offered you 5 of the best boxes which contain only authentic apple products and are worth no more than $83. The only question remains: What are you waiting for? Choose one of the boxes above, unbox it and become a winner of cool hype products in no time.

But to make this process even more profitable and help you save up some part of your budget we prepared promo codes on our homepage . There you will find bonuses for each website we stated in this list.

Remember to gamble responsibly and stop when you notice that you develop an addiction.

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