The Best gaming mystery boxes in 2022

The whole idea of unboxing prizes originally comes from loot crates in different video games. Therefore, we are kind of obliged to make a list of mystery boxes for gamers so that they could have a chance to win all the latest gaming tech online without spending a fortune on it. We included the best gaming collections which stand out from the rest by quality of prizes and cost of unboxing. There's no 100-dollar box with useless stuff inside, only valuable exclusive items for a reasonable price. Read along and find out where to buy the best gaming mystery boxes and enjoy hypebeast equipment for your gaming experience.

Last updated: May 2022

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What is a gaming Mystery box?

Since mostly this list attracts gamers you must already know about loot boxes (or loot crates) which would appear in a game and give you a chance to unbox some virtual prizes. The principle of online mystery box websites is very similar with the only difference that the prizes are not virtual but real. So you choose from the boxes on the website (in our case it's gaming boxes), pay for unboxing it, reveal the content of the case, and if you're happy with it order a delivery of the winnings to your address.

Supposing you want to know more about how mystery boxes work and about their legitimacy, we have a full article on the matter: What is a Mystery box?

Where to buy legit mystery boxes?

Nowadays as this trend gets more and more popular new mystery websites constantly appear on the internet and it's getting harder to figure out where to open the boxes safely. We test and review these sites on a regular basis and for now, selected the top-5 places for this entertainment.

Our list of legit and safe Mystery box websites:

  • Drakemall
  • Hybe
  • Lootie
  • HypeDrop

The boxes we present further come from these sites and therefore are reliable and trusted. They all feature exchange options, global shipping, guaranteed payout, and, most importantly, are forbidden for people under 18.

1. Drakemall Gamer Box

Price: $12.99 - box link

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Drakemall Gamer box

Our favorite website when it comes to winning gaming stuff. The fact that Drakemall offers 15 mystery gaming boxes in total can satisfy even the most experienced geek. It was a pretty intimidating task to choose just one of them but we decided to go for a basic selection of the most needed things for a gamer.

Among the items in this case you will find cutting-edge PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, gaming mouse and set of various video games and even a few table ones. Moreover, on Drakemall you have a chance to run a test spin before you pay money for box opening.

Drakemall Gamer case inside

More about Drakemall you can read here:: Drakemall review

2. Drakemall PlayStation Box

Price: $6.99 - box link

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Another Drakemall case is entirely devoted to PlayStation-themed things. Basically, you can gather the entire PlayStation set here: console (including the latest 5th version), VR, controler, headset, and a collection of video games, of course. It's hard to believe but the cost of items in a surprise box reaches $2700 and that's for such a low price of the box itself.

Drakemall PlayStation box Drakemall PlayStation box Content

3. Lootie Xbox VS PlayStation

Price: $29.99 - box link

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Unlike Drakemall or HypeDrop, Lootie has a limited choice of items inside the box. Nevertheless, each selection consists of interesting authentic products which any geek would find attractive. Cutting-edge Xbox and PlayStation consoles are presented in this case with 0.2% chance of unboxing them. It may seem a bit unlikely to win them but Lootie also has a guaranteed payout so even if you're not that lucky to win a console you may end up with at least an Xbox gift card.

Lootie Xbox VS PlayStation
Lootie Xbox VS PlayStation Content

Check out our review on Lootie: Lootie review

4. Gaming Budget on HypeDrop

Price: $9.48

Visit the website

There is also a whole section with gaming-themed boxes on HypeDrop. And we found the one the content of which differs from the rest so that everyone would find something for his needs. For instance, there are extremely powerful video cards that some demanding games might require. The most desired item in a collection is, of course, a Blade Pro 17 which features the strongest graphics in a gaming laptop.

Gaming budget box on HypeDrop
Gaming budget box on HypeDrop Content

Find out more details about HypeDrop here: HypeDrop review

5. Hybe Xbox collection

Price: $32

Visit the website

This collection is the most expensive on our list but still pretty affordable taking into account the potential prizes you could unbox here. All these modern consoles, gaming racing sets, headsets and other equipment will round out the gamer's collection. The cheapest item you can win here is a professional gaming microphone worth the same $32 you pay for unboxing. This guaranteed value makes the experience most pleasant.

Hybe Xbox collection
Hybe Xbox collection Content

Read more about box opening on Hybe: Hybe review

Where to get promo codes and bonuses for mystery boxes?

Now you are well aware of all the options you've got if you want to win some authentic gaming stuff. But you would also want to do it on a low budget and we are about to tell you how you could manage it.

First of all, pay attention to all the offers of the sites you're opening the boxes on. As a rule, they provide users with different promo codes, bonuses, and even free boxes. For example, Drakemall will pay you for the shipping if you record the unboxing after you have received your item.

We also want to contribute to your mystery experience and therefore prepared bonuses for each of the mentioned websites. You will see them on our main page.

As always we warn you not to bet any money if you have a gambling addiction and always control how much you spend on unboxing.