The Best Beauty Mystery Boxes in 2022

Have you ever faced difficulty when not knowing what to present your female friend/girlfriend or a relative? Well, weve been there. Or maybe you're a girl and completely bored with regular shopping? And for both categories - prices for all beauty or brand products are crazy. That's exactly the case when mystery opening saves you. You have fun from getting a secret item, save money when winning really expensive stuff like a Gucci bag and ensure you have an awesome present next time. So meet top-4 mystery beauty boxes.

Last updated: May 2022

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Online Beauty Mystery boxes VS subscription beauty boxes

For a pretty long time, women have been having fun opening subscription beauty boxes to get back some mystery from not knowing what is inside the case. But it did happen so many times when they would look forward to receiving something and the product would disappoint them so badly. And this is something that we really don't like about subscription boxes.

So online mystery box websites change the way it works: at first, you pick a themed box according to your interests, explore the content of it and only after you pay for opening it. This way the mystery still remains but you at least know what you're risking for.

More about Mystery Box websites you can read here: What is a mystery box and how does it work?

Where to open beauty mystery boxes?

Supposing you made up your mind and want to unbox some cool items for yourself or as a present for your significant other you might wonder what is the best place to do it. The thing is that the trend is developing so rapidly that you have to be really careful not to come across a scam. Luckily for you, we?ve been revising and testing different unboxing websites for a couple of years now and know pretty much everything about scam surprise boxes.

What you need to bear in mind when choosing the site for case opening:

  • valid SSL certificate that ensures safety
  • date when the domain was registered (as a rule, the older the site is the more you can trust it
  • odds displayed on each case and the website is completely transparent about the chances of unboxing the items
  • possibility to exchange the prizes if you're not satisfied
  • welcome bonuses or even a free first box to give a user a chance to try unboxing for free at first

It's a given that every single box presented in this list meets the requirements stated above. So you can feel completely safe when picking any collection from the list.

More about the legitimacy of the unboxing: Is Mystery Box legal and legit?

1. Beauty Mystery Box on Drakemall

Price: $3.99 - box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

This case with beauty products would be our favorite in terms of item variety and price for the box itself. Among the potential prizes, there are the legendary Dyson Hairdryer and DRs Spectralite FaceWare Pro both worth around 600$, not to mention other fantastic items for health and makeup. Plus, with the generous bonuses, Drakemall has to offer you get a great chance to win a free beauty box.

Mystery Beauty Box on Drakemall Mystery Beauty Box on Drakemall Content

Get to know more about Drakemall's offers: Drakemall review - the best mystery box in 2022

2. Women's dream Surprise Case on Hybe

Price: $24.99

Visit website

Hybes always been an awesome place if you're up for some clothing or accessories so women will appreciate the available cases so very much. Anyways, we've searched through all of them and found the best for winning cool authentic clothes from brands like Balenciaga, Prada, Hermes, Dior, etc. Plus, Hybe ensures you always end up with the item worth at least what you paid for opening.

Women's Dream Box on Hybe

Learn more information about unboxing on Hybe: Hybe - unbiased Review in May 2022

3. Jewelry Mystery Box on JemLit

Price: $29.99

Visit website

We wanted to make this list as diverse as possible so the jewelry collection must add some value to the rest. It's relatively expensive but considering Tiffany Necklace and earings as top-prize we'd say the case's cost is more than just fair. As an addition to these freakingly pricey accessories JemLit added some organizers for your jewelry into the box. So jewelry hunters you're gonna love it.

Jewelry Box on Jemlit

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4. Women's Box on Drakemall

Price: $4.99 - box link

Another woman's dream collection in one box for as low as $4.99. The chances to unbox the most expensive items are slightly lower than in the first Drakemall's case but stakes are high when it comes to unboxing Macbook Air Gold, iPhone 11, or Louis Vuitton bag. Nevertheless, the rest of the items are still pretty dope and worth trying.

Women?s Box on Drakemall

Conclusion: how to save more money on unboxing and even get a free beauty box

At this point, you have everything at your fingertips: reliable and trusted mystery websites, the best collections with beauty products, and even our promo codes for some of them. But we never get enough so how else can you save your budget and win more?

Just read all the reviews we left below the boxes. There you'll find all tips for profitable unboxing on each particular website. We shared everything we know and hope you're gonna enjoy the mistery opening and win a lot of valuable prizes.

Remember that mystery opening is still about chances and you have to be careful with your money.