Is Elbox Legit or SCAM? Find Out in Our Review

Every day, we collect information about dozens of different mystery box services. We check their work in many different aspects and give you our reasoned opinion on which you can rely! Do you want to keep your money flowing? Then let's get started! Today you will read our Elbox review and find out what this service is and if you can trust it.



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  • Type of Service:
    Online Mystery Box Retailer
  • Products Offered:
    Tech Gadgets, Gaming Gear, Clothes and More
  • Price Range:
  • Shipping:
    USA only
Pros and Cons

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  • Lack of customer service
  • Elbox scam business model
  • Low-quality products
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Every day, we collect information about dozens of different mystery box services. We check their work in many different aspects and give you our reasoned opinion on which you can rely! Do you want to keep your money flowing? Then let’s get started!

Today you will read our Elbox review and find out what this service is and if you can trust it. All the information you need to make money is below. You just need to take it. If you’re ready, let’s go!

Elbox: What Is It?

Before starting a more detailed Elbox store review, we should understand the basics. Elbox is a service that allows users to buy mystery boxes with different contents. It is worth mentioning right away that, at the moment, the site is not working and does not serve customers. But if you are interested in extra income or thrill, further information will be helpful!

The project Elbox is relatively new, and did not have time to work for a long time before closing. But we know something about it. Let’s organize all the information in a table:

Type of ServiceOnline Mystery Box Retailer
Products OfferedTech Gadgets, Gaming Gear and More
Price Range$29-99
ShippingUSA only

Elbox: How it Works?

In many Elbox reviews, you can read the general principle of all such principles. But we tested everything on ourselves! 

So, first, you need to create an account on the site and confirm your email. Then you choose the mystery box you are most interested in and go to the payment page. Checkout is effortless, and there are several popular payment options, such as Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal. Then wait for your delivery!

Unfortunately, our package never arrived even when the service was fully operational, and customer service ignored the requests. This created a lot of doubt about whether is Elbox legit or not.

Elbox Pros and Cons

Every service has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the Elbox store was an exception. Unfortunately, this company has many problems, which we will discuss now.




Lack of customer service. They deliberately ignore all incoming inquiries if you have already made a purchase. This topic is discussed in many Elbox store reviews, but the problem has not disappeared.

Elbox scam business model. This site takes advantage of people’s desire for quality mystery boxes and swindles naive users. The names of the company’s creators are also not publicly available. Many customers have suggested that this is done to protect the creators from possible consequences.

Low-quality products. Some users still managed to get their parcels but were unsatisfied with their contents. Many goods were of poor quality, and the rest were even broken.

What is in a Elbox?

In the Elbox box, you can find specific categories of products. The site has three mystery boxes, each with its own contents. They range in price from $20 to $99, and the creators say that the total value of the items will be much more than the purchase price. By default, there are 10 to 12 of these items inside each package. Which ones? Let’s take a look!

Elbox Electronic Box

Electronics is one of the most popular and potentially lucrative options for mystery boxes. The company claims you can find everything from hair dryers, cameras, and drones to expensive smartphones and game consoles inside. 

Elbox Clothing Box

The company’s website allows you to get collection stuff from the world’s top brands for a small fee with home delivery. Of course, given the negative reputation of the project is challenging to talk about the authenticity of these things. Nevertheless, the creators declare the filling from major brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Luis Vitton, etc.

Elbox Cosmetics Box

It’s always nice to get the gift of random skincare or decorative cosmetics for your skin. Elbox claims all samples are authentic, but other users’ experiences say otherwise.

Is Elbox Legit?

To make a final verdict on the viability and profitability of the Elbox brand, we need to summarize information about all the platform’s features. Let’s take it one step at a time!

Box Prices

The price of mystery boxes on the Elbox website is not unusual and is within the average market price. Also, the company periodically conducts promotions that allow you to save money on your purchase. The prices of different products range from $29 to $99.


The company offers a great variety of possible winnings. Users can get their hands on cool new appliances for the home or expensive gadgets. Inside mystery boxes can also be branded items or branded skin care cosmetics. All of this makes Elbox one of the most extensive assortment companies.

Of course, everything spoils after information about the quality of these items. Most of them come to the customer broken or outright substandard. And knockoffs of well-known brands are standard for Elbox.


Unfortunately, since our project team has not received their parcel from Elbox, we can’t assess the actual delivery time. However, users who were more fortunate than us tell us about long deliveries with significant delays. The average waiting time for you could be two to three weeks.

Customer Reviews

Most user reviews about the company Elbox are strongly negative. Customers complain about all aspects of the company’s work, including the quality of goods, delivery time, and the availability of paid parcels. 

On the Internet, you can find some positive reviews, but our project team has great doubts about their reality. Most likely, they were left by Elbox employees themselves.

Is Elbox Safe?

The Elbox service does not aim to steal your personal information or have legal problems. The company also often offers the Elbox coupon code and various discounts to save money. But in reality, it’s all a sham to lure gullible clients to the site and make them buy mystery boxes. 

You will surely lose your money and be left without the desired purchase. And if you happen to be on the list of people who received your order, the quality of the goods will significantly disappoint you. So, is the Elbox store legit? Absolutely not. Be vigilant and do not trust scammers.

Elbox Alternatives

Elbox is just one of many online brands that offer mystery boxes, and several alternatives exist. One of the top choices is Drakemall, which provides a wide variety of affordable boxes with themes ranging from gaming to luxury goods.

Drakemall offers secure payment options, including PayPal and major credit cards, and fast and reliable shipping with order tracking. The brand is known for delivering high-quality mystery boxes and exceptional customer service. Customers can take advantage of frequent promotions to save even more money.

Benefits of Drakemall:

  • Wide variety of boxes with affordable cost.
  • Secure payment options, including PayPal and major credit cards.
  • Fast and reliable shipping with order tracking.
  • High-quality mystery boxes and exceptional customer service.
  • Frequent promotions to save even more money.

Other popular alternatives to Elbox include Lootcrate boxes, HypeDrop, and Mystery Brand. These brands offer similar services at different price points and have received positive feedback from customers. Researching and reading reviews before selecting a mystery box brand is essential to ensure a satisfactory experience.

With so many options, customers can find the right brand that suits their preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a gaming-themed mystery box or one that features luxury goods, there’s an alternative to Elbox that can deliver a positive experience.


  • Is Elbox worth it?

    No, we cannot recommend the Elbox as a worthwhile investment based on its reputation for poor quality and customer service.

  • Is the Elbox a waste of money?

    Yes, it is. Customers have reported numerous issues with the product, including defects and difficulty receiving support from the manufacturer.

  • How to get a free Elbox box?

    The only way to get a free Elbox box is through unboxings hosted by bloggers or by looking for promo codes in the brand’s social media accounts.

  • How does Elbox payments work?

    Several Elbox legit payment options exist, including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and others. Customers can choose the best method for them and ensure their payment information is secure.