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Last updated: Jul 2024


Customers are our top priority and main motivation to keep up the good work. There is no such goal for us as to convince people that opening boxes online is good and you should immediately start doing it. What we really wanna do is to provide honest valuable information about Mystery boxes so that having all the needed information at your fingertips you will be able to make the right choice for yourself.



We’re pretty small at the moment. There are just two of us. We’re both really into gaming and genuinely want to help people be more aware of all the risks and potential of Mystery box opening.

My name is Alex Dema, originally I’m from Dubrovnik but I’ve been living in the USA for more than 20 years. I’m crazy about video games and everything that is somehow connected with them. Basically, it’s the main reason why I’m here. When I was playing games and trying to win the prizes from unboxing my first loot crates I was cheated on lots of times. That’s how I lost a fortune before I finally learned how to find reliable and legit websites. Later I was able to imply that knowledge on Online Mystery Boxes and realized that actually there was no information on that matter available on the internet. Back then I decided that I feel the need to prevent new users from this kind of scam and learn from my experience.

There is also Jenny. I found her on one of the forums about Mystery boxes and was amazed how well-informed she is about scam detecting so decided that she’s the person I need. She once worked as a loot crates writer and was published in the areas of gaming and poker industries.


It all started in 2014. I actively played CS:GO and as every gamer was about case opening. For those who don’t know, you could open such a box (so-called loot boxes) and get some gaming stuff. I really enjoyed it because it would round up my geek collection of weapons and other virtual in-game things.

2015 – I noticed that there are websites offering to open the boxes with skins outside the game and transfer the winnings to my game account.

But what frustrated me the most was scam sites that would take money for unboxing and never gave you decent skins. Or even worse – never send even cheap items. So instead of enriching your in-game collection you would gamble for nothing.

Another thing that made me furious is that a lot of kids used to play CS:GO and eventually were hooked up on these loot boxes and external gambling. It’s one thing to deceive an adult with income and awareness and another – a child who earns no money.

2017 – After having lost a great deal of money I joined the discussions on various forums trying to figure out what websites are legit. At the same time I would shared my experience about those I was already scammed on.

2019 – Appearance of another entertainment – mystery boxes with real prizes. Honestly, I liked opening loot crates and winning some gaming stuff but the opportunity to unbox a new phone, PC, consoles and tons of other things that’s what really occupied my mind. Luckily, at that moment I already had enormous experience with all these mystery trends and had an idea how to detect a scam and what to pay attention to. That’s how I won my first prizes and got dragged into the box opening.

April 2019– I registered Mystery.org and started writing about Mystery box websites. Back then I didn’t find any relevant information about Mystery boxes online so I decided to research more and share my experience on this website.

2020 – I figured that all that scope of work was too much for 1 person and hired Jenny. Since then we have managed to test and review the most popular Mystery box websites, collect special bonuses and promo codes for our readers and complete our blog with essential information for those who just start opening virtual boxes.


We are very excited about the idea of providing people with relative up-to-date information about Mystery box websites and to ensure that we need to expand our team. Only in this way could we test and constantly revise Mystery box websites faster and sufficiently. So if you are passionate about mystery unboxing or you really enjoy opening loot crates text us and become a part of our team.

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