The summer is coming which means you are in need of new hypebeast streetwear. And what can be better than saving up by getting it for a reduced price? We selected the best hypebeast collections from all the Mystery box websites for you. Among them are sneaker mystery boxes with your favorite brands like Supreme, Nike, Air Jordan, and Yeezy, budget Hypebeast package from Lootie, and others. Open the boxes, win authentic clothing and footwear and have some fun all in one with our top-5 hype online boxes.

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What is a hypebeast Mystery box
List of the Best Hypebeast Mystery boxes online
Drakemall Hype Shoes box
Hypebeast Air Jordan collection on Hypedrop
Nike x Off-white on Hybe
Hypebeast Supreme Mystery box on Hybe
Nike Budget on Lootie
Hypebeast Mystery boxes reviews
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Like the rest of mystery crates, it is a collection of items inside one case which you can open and win one of the possible prizes. But instead of random boxes, we offer only those cases which are full of authentic hypebeast items. We constantly review and test all the mystery box sites and recommend only those where you can buy legit boxes with real prizes and guaranteed shipping.

We always want to help our readers to have the best unboxing experience. Therefore, a few points you need to know about legit mystery websites:

  • possibility to exchange winnings
  • box description with all the potential prizes
  • sizing displayed on the item you won
  • real customers’ reviews and unboxing videos so that you could see how mystery box looks in real life


Price: $9.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

Inside this case are hypebeast Dior Air Jordan 1 sneakers worth $30000 if you look for them in an ordinary store. You can as well find some yeezys in the box like Yeesy boost 700 V3 and Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Even if you are not that lucky to win the most valuable prizes you may get authentic Adidas, Vans, or Nike shoes.

All that amazing streetwear comes with global shipping and lots of bonuses for loyal users from Drakemall. So once you unbox the desired item you will receive it within a month regardless of what country you?re in. Moreover, there is a chance to get free shipping provided you do the unboxing after receiving your prize.

More info about Drakemall and bonus codes you will find here: Drakemall review


Price: $224.169

Visit website

We consider it to be the best streetwear mystery box on our list. Unfortunately, it’s at the same time the most expensive mystery box and we understand that not everyone can afford it. So we’d suggest opening this particular one only once you’ve already tried the case opening and understand how it works. If not there’s a cheaper option with similar content Trophy red. But the thing is that with the last one the chances to unbox the least expensive sneakers are 1,5% compared to 8,6% in a pricey case. To put it across simply, the more the case costs the easier it is to win cool items.

Before you start unboxing you would definitely want to check HypeDrop reviews. The one with real users’ feedback and unpacking videos you can find in our article: Is HypeDrop legit or a scam?


Price: $39.98

Visit website

Two freakingly popular brands collaborated to create an unbelievably cool collection of eccentric shorts, sneakers, T-shirts, hoodies, you name it. And all that you will find in this amazing case for a reasonable cost. What is more, the cheapest thing you can get here is a unique hype T-shirt worth almost $40. And this is a huge advantage of Hybe – they always provide you with a guaranteed value of the winnings so even if you don’t profit you’re going to get at least something worth the initial price for unboxing.

Don’t forget to check our Hybe review before you start opening boxes: What is Hybe?


Price: $20.99

Supreme is a kind of clothing brand you would have to pay no less than hundreds of dollars for in any hypebeast store. But Hype not only gives you a chance to win these items but do it on a low budget. I mean, $20.99 is nothing compared to the real cost of the content present in the collection. Everything from Supreme jackets to authentic accessories can be yours once you open this surprise box. And remember that you’re bound to profit here thanks to a guaranteed value.


Price: $9.99 – box link

FREE BONUS CODE: mysterry – Sign Up to Get a Bonus

It’s another shoe mystery box with lots of hype Nike sneakers the cost of which ranges from $125 to $2700. We think it’s a great option if you do not want to risk and would rather spend less on opening. This particular Nike surprise box from Lootie gives you access to one of the most famous brands for a ridiculously low cost of unboxing. Also, Lootie guarantees an authentication process ensuring that every single item is verified by different parameters.

Lootie codes here: Lootie review

If you’re wondering why we didn’t include any hypebeast tech stuff but made this selection entirely about clothing and footwear, it’s only because we have already made a list of the best electronic cases. There you can find a gaming box, iPhone collection, and lots of other cutting-edge gadgets. So if you’re a geek you don’t want to miss this one: The best electronic boxes in 2023

Aso, we want to warn you once again to analyze and research all the mystery websites and make your final decision only after checking the reviews from real users.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you’d better not gamble even if it’s a legit and legal website unless you don’t have a gambling addiction.

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