China Mystery Slots Online vs Mystery Box: Review & Comparison

Both entertainments bring benefits to their users. However, many players are wondering which option to choose for themselves. This session will try to address this issue. We want to introduce our defendants to you.

Mystery boxes have been popular for a long time. You can choose a package for a specific price by visiting the site. You will also know its theme to navigate the possible items inside. However, much of it depends on your luck.

No one knows what will be in your box because the sellers mix cheap and expensive attributes. Usually, the content price does not exceed the monetary amount spent on it.

An online slot machine is also everyday entertainment for a long time. The China Mystery casino game allows you to bet and get money for combinations of the same symbols. There are also bonus images that will give you access to the jackpots. Thus, these defendants should be ready to answer to the seekers of good luck and quick wins.

China Mystery Slot Machine Overview 

In more detail, we introduce one of the defendants in this meeting. We have collected all the information, so you can better understand its offers. Konami Studio released the China Mystery slot machine in 2014. Since then, it has taken a good position in online gaming establishments. Many players prefer the China Mystery slot machines for several advantages and features, which we will evaluate further.

China Mystery

Special Features

This game has much to offer as a standard slot machine with five reels, three rows, and 30 paylines. Your attention is provided to the usual symbols in the form of cards, and oriental thematic images, which give a significant profit. In addition, there are unique icons that open bonus offers.


The wild symbol guarantees the replacement of the image, thereby continuing the winning combination. Collecting 3 scatter symbols gives you 8 to 15 free spins, which bring significant winnings. You can refuse the spins but prefer the Balance of Fortune bonus game, which offers a random guaranteed win without additional spins.

Volatility and RTP

The China Mystery slot has medium volatility. The return to player percentage is 96.1%, which guarantees good frequent payouts. You can always try the demo version to see how often you win. However, we found several testimonies from real customers that the slot machine is profitable.


The maximum win for the highest bet and the collection of 5 identical scatter symbols is 3 million coins. If you choose the bonus round, your payout can be 100 million coins. It depends on your luck because the game is entirely based on a random number generator.

Pros and Cons

Thus, we can distinguish the following pros and cons of the China Mystery slots. We will attribute frequent payouts and bonus spins to the advantages of the slot. The downside is that everything depends on luck, and no one can guarantee you a 100% jackpot when playing this entertainment.

Frequent payouts
Bonus spins
Everything depends on luck
Game’s design
ChinaMystery overview

Online Slots vs Mystery Boxes

So what to choose? These entertainments are profitable for their users. However, there is a difference between the games. The China Mystery slot game allows you to play and make a profit with good luck. Mystery boxes, on the other hand, give products that match the price of the purchased package. The choice depends only on your preferences. Other differences can be seen further in the table.

China Mystery SlotMystery Box
Legal yesyes
Legit yesyes
Bonuses free spins, wild symbols, bonus game, jackpotsthematic products (gadgets, clothes, cosmetics, etc.)
Winningsup to 100 million coinscorresponding to the value of the box
Bankingdollars, euro, Bitcoin, etc. (depends on the casino)dollars, euro, Bitcoin (depends on the store)
Payoutsdepend on the casino you choose to playas soon as you pay for the box
Benefitshigh jackpots, free spins, bonus game, high RTPyou can get what you want for the corresponding price 
Drawbacksdepends on luck and RNGdepends on the store where you buy the boxes

Play the Chosen Game only on the Top-Rated Sites in 2024

If you are looking for a new way to try your luck, both options are great chances to get some good prizes. You will only receive a cash reward if you win by playing the free China Mystery slots. If you try and buy the Mystery Box, you’ll get more tangible items like gadgets, cosmetics, clothes, or other sets. Next, you can see the sites where the best options for these offers are available.

Where to Play China Mystery Slots?

China Mystery slot is a great way to get money. You make minimum bets and get winnings by spinning the reels. However, this method does not guarantee that you will become the jackpot owner. It all depends on luck and strategy. Choose the best casinos to try this slot, at least in the demo version.

Where to Open Online Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes open up new possibilities for you in one or another area. You can choose the products you need by selecting a category on the site and pricing policy. Considering the price, you will know what products you can count on when you open the box. Online boxes contain not only material purchases but also virtual games, in-game sets at a special price, movies, and other digital analogues. You can sell the items if you dislike them. The choice of these boxes from the presented sites is enormous and depends only on your budget and desires.


We decided that both leisure options are safe and worth spending time and money on. It all depends on your preferences and price point. If you want guaranteed, possibly unwanted, products, go for mystery boxes. To win money, try spinning the reels in the China Mystery slot machine online. It remains only to choose the site suitable for this, which we can help you with.


  • Why to try the China Mystery slot machine online?

    The game offers an additional bonus where you can win up to 100 million coins. When converted to currency, there is still a considerable jackpot amount. All you need to do is collect three scatter symbols.

  • Mystery Box vs Slot: what is better?

    It is up to you to decide what suits you best. If you want to try your luck and are more used to gambling, try this slot. However, if you wish to know the approximate attributes of the winnings that you will 100% receive, choose the mystery box.

  • What are the benefits of the China Mystery slot machine benefits?

    The advantages of the China Mystery slot app are big wins, bonus spins, and games, as well as frequent payouts due to the high percentage of return to the player. This entertainment will provide an exciting and profitable pastime.

  • Mystery Box vs Slot: what is better?

    It is up to you to decide what suits you best. If you want to try your luck and are more used to gambling, try this slot. However, if you wish to know the approximate attributes of the winnings that you will 100% receive, choose the mystery box.