Are Amazon Mystery Boxes Worth It: Unclaimed Review 2024

Many modern online stores today offer their customers mystery boxes. The most popular and extensive offers are the mystery boxes, which are available on the Amazon website. They include various products in several themes that the customer can choose from. You can browse solutions for cosmetics, electronic devices, household products, and more. However, many users complain that the box's contents do not always correspond to the set price for the purchase, leaving a not very pleasant impression of this service.

We want to know if this is true, how to buy Amazon mystery box, whether it is worth buying mystery boxes on the Amazon website, or if it is better to look for an alternative. Our site is dedicated to rating of mystery boxes from other digital brands with better deals for their customers. In this Amazon mystery box review, we want to compare them with Amazon Mystery Boxes and discuss their benefits. Let us find out together which site to buy mystery boxes is better to choose.


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Pros and Cons

  • The anticipation of a surprise captures the buyer
  • You can resell the received items
  • The choice of category is up to you
  • This purchase is always an unjustified risk
  • Many items out of the box are not needed and not helpful
  • Negative customer reviews
  • The box filled with old and unwanted items
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What is an Amazon Mystery Box?

Mystery boxes are unique sets that United Kingdom sellers create for their customers. They may contain several products that are dedicated to a particular category. When choosing a mystery box, you select its value and the theme of the items inside. This data will give you a hint of what might be there. You will not know what is in until you receive the box.

Many people wonder where to buy an Amazon mystery box. Sellers offer offline and online mystery boxes. Offline boxes contain items you can use in real life – expensive appliances, cosmetics, children’s products, clothing, and much more. On the other hand, offline boxes are only opened upon receipt, while online boxes are opened after an online purchase. You can always change the product you do not like for something more suitable. The best mystery boxes on Amazon fall under the offline category, as they provide everyday items you can experience and use. On the site, you can find many offers of mystery boxes that relate to a particular variety of goods, so it is difficult to predict what might be inside. However, having paid attention to the cost and theme of the goods, it is already possible to draw certain conclusions.

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How does Amazon Mystery Box Work?

Mystery boxes are goods from a particular brand sold online or offline. The buyer does not fully know what goods one will receive. Only the price and theme of the mystery box are available to you. You will only know the contents after buying Amazon mystery boxes.

What is Inside?

Inside the mystery box, there are goods that correspond to a particular theme. For example, you bought the best mystery box of cosmetics. So, expect lip-glosses, lipsticks, shadows, palettes, perfumes, and other products. Roughly, you can guess the possible item based on the box’s value. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost depends on the contents of the box. If the seller decides to give you expensive goods, the box cost will be higher. If the set consists of cheap products, then the price for the Amazon surprise box will be below average. It depends only on the seller, and what value and set one prefers to create for your purchase in Canada.

Amazon electronic Boxes

Is Amazon Mystery Box Legit?

Many users want to know, is the Amazon mystery box legit? However, Amazon clients note that mystery boxes are not worth the money and the wait. There is an opinion that sellers use goods from old collections or with minimal defects to fill the mystery boxes. These processes are done to free the warehouses of stores from old goods and purchase new ones, on which you can increase profits. Thus, mystery boxes may not be profitable for customers and not be worth the purchase cost. Let us take a look at customer reviews and the pros and cons of the Amazon Mystery Box to see, are Amazon mystery boxes worth it.

Amazon Mystery Box Reviews from Customers

Having studied the reviews of Amazon buyers, we want to say that many of them are not happy with the mystery box purchase. Its contents cost less than the advertised price. Many items were used and did not match the original quality. Some users have even received products that do not fit the selected category of the surprise box from Amazon. Therefore, mystery boxes are not worth spending your expectations and money on this product.

Amazon Mystery Box Customer Review
Review on Make-Up Amazon Mystery Box


To answer, are Amazon mystery boxes real, we have studied many negative reviews about this category of purchase. However, let us pick out the benefits of the Mystery Boxes that you can buy from the Amazon online store. Study the following list to draw the appropriate conclusions.

  • The anticipation of a surprise captures the buyer. It is nice to wait and wonder what might be inside there. Although you know the category and the purchase cost, you can only guess what is inside.
  • You can resell the received items. If you do not like what you got, you can always gift someone or resell the items out of the box. This way, you can recover expenses if you are unsatisfied with the content or already have it.
  • The choice of category is up to you. Only you select the type of goods you will receive. Therefore, even considering the mystery factor, you can roughly estimate what can be expected in the mystery Amazon return box, especially if the product category is limited.

Thus, the Mystery Box can also be a bargain only when you spend little on it. You can enjoy the fact that you are shopping for the experience, not for the lucrative and expensive products. You get costly products, rarely for little money. Therefore, if you decide to buy a box, then do it only for the sake of impressions because this purchase has several disadvantages.


As we said, the Mystery Box is not a good deal. However, we want to verify this again by examining all the shortcomings. This list may discourage you from purchasing the Mystery Box on Amazon in Australia.

  • This purchase is always an unjustified risk. You can spend large sums of money and end up with something you do not need, or it is not worth it. There is no guarantee that you will get what you like.
  • Many items out of the box are not needed and not helpful. Amazon puts old, no longer relevant products in its mystery boxes. Therefore, even if you spent little money on this purchase, you may not need the goods that are considered rubbish.
  • The box filled with old and unwanted items says a lot about how Amazon treats its customers. Amazon mystery boxes for sale should contain new and trendy merchandise, so visitors want to return for the new good vibes and value merchandise they need, rather than using old junk.
  • Negative customer reviews can push you away from making a purchase. Such numerous dissatisfied buyers should suggest that this purchase could only bring a negative experience and no fairness.

Thus, buying a mystery box from Amazon is not the best investment. You can try if you have nowhere to put money and want to get impressions. However, there are several other sites that have much more profitable and favorable features.

Amazon Mystery Box Opening

How to Buy Amazon Mystery Box?

Amazon offers a 24/7 online selection of various Mystery Boxes. If you still want to buy the Mystery Box on Amazon, you need to follow the instructions to know how to buy Amazon return boxes. Initially, you should go to the site and the mystery box category. You will be offered hundreds of options for legal boxes of different types. Browse the packages you are interested in and add them to your cart. Order delivery and pay for the purchase using your account. Wait for the box to arrive and open it. Rate its content and write a review about your purchase experience.

Are Amazon Mystery Boxes Worth It?

So, are Amazon mystery boxes legitimate? We believe that buying Mystery Boxes from Amazon is not justified. You get old goods at high prices. The element of anticipation of a surprise can spoil the product received. Even though you choose the category of these Amazon mystery box types, you cannot be sure that you will get excellent and necessary gifts. On the Internet, any more worthwhile alternatives provide mystery boxes online. They will allow you to receive real and more beneficial gifts.

Makeup Amazon Mystery Box Opening

Amazon Mystery Box Alternatives

For your purchases, many sites offer mystery boxes online. They have significant benefits that will provide you with more benefits than Amazon. These include:

  • the availability of promo code, which allows you to receive a discount on the purchase of a mystery box;
  • the opportunity to open the box immediately after the purchase online in UK, and to exchange the items you don’t like;
  • new worthwhile products that are relevant now;
  • fast delivery, security, and competent support service, which is always ready to help place an order.

We have highlighted several online mystery box sites. They have a good reputation and guarantee interesting offers to their customers. You can browse Mystery Boxes and purchase lucrative items. If you do not like what you received, you can exchange for items of approximate value that you like. Try ordering from the following online stores.

  1. Drakemall is known for its great deals for fans of geeky themes. Only the best equipment is provided at affordable prices.
  2. Dripdraw allows you to change the product you do not like immediately after opening. The friendly support team is happy to help you get what you like.
  3. HypeDrop allows you to receive a discount coupon for the purchase of goods in other stores, in addition to the standard mystery boxes with clothes, Apple appliances or cosmetics.
  4. Jemlit offers a loyalty program and cashback for its customers who accumulate points and buy Mystery Boxes with them.

Thus, different resources have much more profitable conditions for users than Amazon does. You open the box online, and you do not have to wait a long time to receive your order. You will immediately know what is inside the tech box, and you can choose what will suit you and what will not. These sites are much more fun and profitable for you.

Amazon Mystery Box Review Conclusion

So, are the mystery boxes from Amazon worth it? Thus, we believe several other sites are more attractive to use than Amazon is. The service provides old goods at inflated prices and leaves a negative impression. So, check out the alternative legit mystery box websites on our main page. Unlike mystery box from Amazon, they are worthy of your attention and expense.


  • Are Amazon mystery boxes worth it?

    We think Amazon mystery boxes are not worth your time. There are many other sites where it is better to buy such boxes and get more profitable and relevant products.

  • What is an Amazon mystery box?

    The Amazon store offers mystery boxes that contain products of a specific category. However, you do not know what is inside these boxes. You can only guess its contents. You will find out what is inside the box only after unboxing.

  • What is inside the Amazon mystery box?

    No one knows. Each mystery box is unique, and only the seller knows the box’s contents.

  • Should I buy an Amazon surprise box?

    We believe that spending money on this fake purchase is unnecessary because Amazon uses old and returned goods that no one needs. It is better to purchase on another site.