The Best Electronic Mystery Boxes in 2022

We are well aware that you're all into tech stuff and therefore we do recommend trying to open electronic mystery boxes. That's how you can combine entertainment with a chance to get your desired gadget for a reduced price. Here we selected the top-5 electronic mystery boxes that we managed to find on the internet. We also want to note that all of them are from legit and trusted websites which we constantly review and test.

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Last updated: May 2022

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What is an electronic mystery box?

You already know that mystery boxes are the cases with a fixed price that contain a collection of themed items inside (something like loot boxes). Basically, you buy a 10 - dollar mystery box, open it and see what your winning is, then order a delivery and receive your prize.

It was a short preview just to remind you how it works in general and now we can get straight to the point. Electronic mystery boxes work exactly the same way. You just know that all the collections are exclusively in technology themes and don't waste money on strange things.

We have checked eBay and Amazon tech collections and realized that virtual mystery boxes are so ahead of classic ones. They are full of hypebeast authentic electronics, plus they offer more budget options, and are actually less costly in general. So if you also haven't found anything decent on Amazon or looking for more affordable options enjoy our list.

1. Drakemall Apple Box

Price: $11.99 - box link

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Almost everyone is crazy about Apple these days and wishes to get all the latest items asap. Though, it's hard to keep up with all the new releases and not end up with empty pockets. That's why we present our first mystery tech box from Drakemall full of authentic apple products.

Inside this collection you can find Macbook pro 15 (2018), iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple watch series 5, and from cheaper ones: smart keyboard for an iPad, magic mouse, and apple pencil. The least desirable item on the bottom of the box is the AirPods case. Nevertheless, it's a win-win situation so it is not that bad since youwin something anyways.

Drakemall Apple box

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2. Lootie iPhone box

Price: $2.99 - box link

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It is another place to hunt for the same Apple gadgets but a budget version of a previous one. It has a smaller variety of prizes. Though, all the popular ones like iPhone 12 and Airpods pro are present. Comparing the chances to unbox an iPhone on Lootie to Drakemall it will be 0,01 to 0,1. So if you buy a cheap mystery box the odds are not in your favor.

But it would be a good choice if you just want to open a case for fun or as a trial before you go for a pricey one.

More information about the chances to win you can read here

Lootie iPhone box

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3. Hybe Cool gadgets box

Price: $1.97

Website: Hybe

Okay, supposing that hypebeast stuff leaves you cold we get another more unusual but yet super exciting electronic surprise box. If you take a look at the package you will see items included wireless car charger\phone holder, retro video console, or multi-functional survival watch. The greatest thing about this particular one is an opportunity for a good profit. You have a 30% chance to win an item twice as expensive as the initial sum you pay for unboxing. The cheapest item is worth $1.98 while for $1.97 you can open the box. It's so-called guaranteed value, which we appriciate so much.

Hybe cool tech box

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4. Electronics collection

Price: $9.99 - box link

Initially, we wanted to cover options for various needs and interests in our list. Be it computer hardware or useful gadgets for photographers. It was a pretty hard task to accomplish because most electronics collections would contain just phones, computers, and similar devices. But we did our best and found an amazing camera package which HypeDrop offers for a reasonable cost. If you are lucky you may win one of the mirrorless cameras (for example, Canon M50 or Sony a7). Even if you're not Hypedrop also provides users with a guaranteed prize which is worth the same $10 you pay for unboxing. It will a great option for you if you want to save some money on your camera equipment.

HypeDrop electronics

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5. Drakemall PC Master race box

Price: $29.99 - box link

FREE BONUS CODE: BOX100 ➡ Sign Up to Get a Bonus

It is the most expensive electronic mystery box in our list but definitely worth trying. Among the items are cutting-edge Acer Predator Orion 9000 ( that normally would cost you around $4000), Razer Blade 15, and MSI Infinite X. Altogether there are more than 50 prizes including computer and gaming stuff. Such a concentration of valuable units per box will ensure the best unboxing experience. Though, we want to warn you that if you are new to the trend choose a less expensive option or at least do some free trial spins before you spend real money.

Drakemall PC mystery box

Conclusion part where we share promo codes

Last but not least we want to make sure you profit greatly from the opening and not lose much money. That's why we share promo codes for each of these boxes. To get the bonus just go to our homepage find the website you're interested in and enjoy.

Most importantly we do not promote these mystery cases and treat them first of all as another way of entertainment and only then as a place to profit.

Also, do not forget to check our previous materials if you need reviews to find out where to buy mystery boxes and what is the best mystery box website in 2022.