Lootie vs Drakemall: comparison review

The third wave of pandemic led to an even larger increase in competition among various mystery box websites. If you still haven't heard about mystery box online you are missing an opportunity to buy your favorite Hypebest stuff, which depending upon your luck, can be won at a price drastically lower than the market price. The thought it's a scam with fake prizes immediately comes to a human mind.

However, you don't have to worry since both Drakemall and Lootie have proven to be completely safe and legit. Anyways, you still need to figure which one will be better for a start.

And in this review, we will compare two mystery boxes, and share free bonuses and promo codes to make your real experience with either Drakemall or Lootie even better.

Last updated: May 2022

  • Lootie


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  • Drakemall

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Lootie vs Drakemall: Registration process

To start testing your luck you need to create an account. The registration process is pretty much the same on both websites. You may register using your Facebook or Gmail account or via classic e-mail registration, filling in all necessary info.

At first, you need to add some funds. Payment methods vary greatly so that you can choose the most convenient and safe in your opinion. You can even withdraw money from your CS:GO or G2A account.

Drakemall: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, G2A pay, skinpay, maestro, Amazon associates.

Lootie: Visa, Mastercard, G2A, Coinbase.

Then just choose what deposit would you like to start with and click the "Proceed Checkout" button.

More about how unboxing works: What is a Mystery Box?

Let's compare what is inside the boxes

Regarding the content of the mystery boxes, we're truly fascinated by the diversity of items. Whatever you're fond of and whatever your budget is you'll find the appropriate box there. Electronics, gamer stuff, hypebeast clothing brands, and the never-ending list of other products. You don't have to purchase the boxes blindsided. It is possible to browse the categories and explore what is inside each case, and only then open it. As for boxes' variety and prices, we would call them Drakemall and Lootie equal. The only difference that Drakemall has more sections. Check yourself:

Drakemall - inside the boxes
Lootie - inside the boxes

Welcoming bonuses

I know, after seeing that you might be already tempted to give it a chance and start unboxing. And I understand that you definitely want to do this without being ripped off. So now we're taking a look at what each company offers for newcomers.

When you create an account on Lootie they promise you a free box for a start which might sound generous.But let's face the truth if they have in stock $0, 99 boxes it's slightly possible that you get the one which costs $40. Thus, we find Drakemall welcome offer more appealing and fair. They give you up to 50% of what you put in. If you want to play big and put in $200 you'll end up with $300. But if you're more careful with money and want just to try your luck with $10 also okay to get +$5 as a bonus. Moreover, we will help you to even double your deposit so that you don't lose money until you're sure about this surprise boxes experience.

Who delivers faster?

Worldwide delivery is what Drakemall and Lootie have in common. And that's why they don't make any warranty on delivery date and calculate it individually. Another thing that affects the shipping is authentication of the products since both don't have the items in their possession. But to give you a rough idea that's what stated on websites:


Drakemall - delivers faster


Lootie - delivers faster

Mystery box with higher chances of winning

Unlike on Drakemall odds on Lootie are transparent which means that you can see what are your chances to get particular items. But we can't say that it helps you to win faster. So instead of writing provability numbers of opening each box, we'd rather share the real process of unboxing:

And another non-sponsored video but with Drakemall

Real users' reviews

If you need more proves here are some feedbacks from people who already tried unboxing on Drakemall:

Drakemall - real reviews
and Lootie: Lootie - real reviews

Last but not least, what we do like about Drakemall most of all is their absolute transparency and ability to face the music even if the client is unsatisfied with his experience. This openness doesn't happen much in the mystery boxes field. You may see yourself.

Drakemall most of all is their absolute transparency


As promised, we're not leaving you without a free bonus. By clicking here you may get a bonus code from us to double your deposit on both Drakemall and Lootie. It won't quarantee you winning a fortune but at least prevent you from spending much on something you're still uncertain about.

To save even more money you can check Drakemall's promo codes and special offers here.


These two mystery boxes are pretty legit and worth your attention. Although, the agile and energetic presence of Drakemall makes it more trustworthy in the client's eyes. They understand the needs of people who are new to the mystery boxes market, yet excited about the idea of getting something valuable with the least possible investment and almost no effort. Now with our bonuses, you may experience it firsthand and make your final decision which one is your favorite.

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